16 Teenage Girl Birthday Party Theme


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Teenage girls really liked a birthday party, especially for those who currently turns sixteen. Have you already decided to have a little party or something a little bigger? Turning on sixteen is a very special thing, so it was time for teenage girl’s birthday party, and you need ideas. A teenage girl normally would change his mind a few times when they want to plan a birthday party theme. Why do not you avoid the stress and surprise him with a birthday party theme that follows, we have cool ideas to make a teenage girl’s birthday party you to remember  [ Read More ]


Approximately one month we will welcome the Christmas full of joy, do you know what the best of Christmas? one of which is Christmas tree. For some people who are tired of the traditional Christmas decorations, maybe now is the time you try to go for minimalist and simple. The idea of easiest is to leave tree like that without many colors and shades, just put it in a basket or pot to hide the base. However you still can add lights to tree is also a good idea, especially if you already have a plant pot and do not  [ Read More ]


If you like classic interior style that gives the impression of a magnificent and luxurious in your home, then the gothic style can be an attractive option for your room. European architectural style has its own characteristics. But by doing a proper arrangement then your room will not only look classic and classy but also far from being boring. Then how to create a dramatic interior style? For gothic architectural style is usually an indoor section has a steep line shape and resolute with a very sharp pointed arches to show the impression of glamor and mysterious of your home.  [ Read More ]


For parents, building a kids room is not just a place to sleep. It is where kids laugh, play, grow, and find their favorite. So when I see kids room was shabby chic, I immediately fell in love and hope to have a little daughter. Shabby chic style is one of the most popular kids room, especially for girls room because this style is perfect for you who have a little daughter. This is a place that is safe and comfortable, where their imagination roam freely. Usually the kids room will tend to fall apart, but in the end all  [ Read More ]


Everyone likes DIY wine cork crafts because they consider the easiest and most fun of the other DIY projects. I myself have inspired many of the wine cork craft ideas out there. There are various craft home decoration, crafts for kids, and cool DIY project for teens. If you do not have an idea of what to do with your collection of wine cork, dont worry. This is a list of wine cork craft that will give you many options. I’m actually not a wine drinker, I only had two wine glasses, or at least only occasionally during the weekend.  [ Read More ]