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The balcony is where you will spend the time to take a vacation every day. Design balcony is also very interesting and inspiring as an outdoor gallery from IKEA, you can browse a combination of chairs, tables, shelving units, storage and much more. There are many different styles and sizes, this allows you specify balcony is right for your home. IKEA has chosen a product for you, so it will be easy to recreate what has been seen in the store into your home. Here are 10 balcony ideas that inspire and find what fits your outdoor space for relaxing,  [ Read More ]


This apartment has a very limited space, located in a rented apartment in Moscow area of 10 square meters. But the designer Anton Semenov turn it into a functional space by combining office, bedroom, living room and cabinets. Repairs done alone including window frames donated by friends from the old house. I really enjoyed the unusual color, how stark white walls with blue ceiling, large mirror gold and some industrial-style buttons. Anyone will fall in love after seeing these images, small apartment ideas is the perfect solution for those of you who want the beauty in confined spaces!


If your house happen to have attic, then you are lucky. The attic space as you get the added bonus of extra mileage to move upwards. Once you get the assurance of contractor you that your attic space can indeed finishing, then you only need a little decoration. You have so many choices, one of which makes creative attic library. Reading books requires a quiet, comfortable, and away from the noise. It is very suitable for attic library, here you can read without too much interference. Combination of attic library is also very practical for function room, such as storage,  [ Read More ]


This bookend designed using original handmade wood. Night Owl bookends are extra cute with forest theme for the nursery or kids room. This cute collection exhibited through etsy, I think Night owl bookend is the perfect partner to perch on your kids bookshelf. All bookends are made with multi-step process of sanding smooth and clear, environmentally friendly materials are also used to improve and protect the beauty of the wood, durable and protects you from moisture and ultraviolet exposure. Collection bookends available for size 3.25 “x 6.75″ x 6.75 “. This gives you the option that fits your needs, the  [ Read More ]


The bathroom is a useful space in the house. This room should always be sterile because we need about cleanliness, but the bathroom also needs to look beautiful and inviting. If you are looking for how to make artistic bathroom with a dose of warmth and personality, then only need to add a Persian rugs. Placing one lasting textile for bathroom will give glamorous touch and a changing room that is usually cold into a warm and classy. The following 15 Persian rugs for your bathroom for those who still hesitate to choose this decoration. Be prepared to enjoy the  [ Read More ]