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Sleeping porch is the most practical way for those of you who want to relax, even sleep under the stars sounds more romantic. But sleeping outdoors has many obstacles such as mosquitos and the morning dew unexpected. Fortunately for us there is a solution in a warmer room and comfortable is sleeping porch. This trend has increased as an environmentally friendly alternative to blasting the air conditioner in this sweaty summer night. Modern sleeping porch can be either attached or detached from home and feature screens, window or a combination of the two. The perfect place when it is hot  [ Read More ]


Ukrainian architect Sergey Gotvyansky and Vicktor Demidov from NOTE Design Studio created a group of modern rustic cottage. Located close to the beach in Pischanka, 35 km from Dnepropetrovsk precisely in a beautiful pine forest near the stunning natural lake. These modern cottages are mostly made of wood and glazing floating on a wooden deck, while the front facade is cables stay wood, blends with the surrounding pine forests. The interior looks very simple, walls and wooden roofs, are all the facilities required to meet Ukrainian countryside retreat. Forest cottages is part of GoodZone, a Countryside Hotel Complex which consists  [ Read More ]


DIY project does not require expensive items, you also do not have to throw away old things because they could use to many things that are useful and fun. In this article I want to try to give you the best ideas of repurposing old wine barrels for pieces of remarkable and decorative items for your home. old wine barrel are already available for free or you can get it for a nominal fee from the flea market. How to best take advantage of old wine barrel is we have to think creatively, old wine barrels for recycling it can  [ Read More ]


Albion avenue completely restored in Woodside, California. The project was completed by Ana Williamson Architects. Spacious interiors entirely overhauled to renew contemporary house built in the 1980s. The main focus of interior seen in kitchen to integrate two separate functional areas, namely cooking and dining area which includes food preparation area by removing walls. Using a rich palette of natural materials aimed at softening the large space. The main bathroom is structured as a retreat where clients can relax and enjoy their private courtyard garden. Here Albion avenue that offers a charming contemporary style, simply scroll down and get inspired!  [ Read More ]


If yesterday we talk about indoor garden, then today we’ll make it easier. Still on indoor gardening, but I’ll try to incorporate elements of feng shui, interior decoration, aquarium and gardening at the same time. DIY indoor water garden is the best solution utilizing four hobby together. Here you are required to be creative in finding out the right water plants, appropriate container and how to plant the right. We all know the growing plants without soil water is known as hydroponic gardening, but you also need to know that gardening in this way is actually quite easy and cheap.  [ Read More ]