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Bali is paradise for tourists from all over the world, as if the beautiful ocean views and tropical weather in Bali is not enticing enough, this island also store one example of bamboo tree house that we see of sustainable design. This house was designed by Elora Hardy architect with six-story structure made the almost entirely of bamboo. This building called a Sharma Springs earn additional points were amazing to be completely handmade, as an explanation Hardy told New York magazine, “It was built daro bamboo scaled down models, instead of blueprints and drawings”. This home also features a library,  [ Read More ]


House Druian is a perfect escape for those of you who missed the natural feel of mountains and want a little bit of heaven, designed by Paolo Deliperi Architect as a three-storey terraced structure. From the architect. The site is a narrow plot running east to west with the long side facing north south. The site is ideally located in a relatively wind free area of Camps Bay with beautiful views of Lions Head to the north, Table Mountain to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. On the south side is a greenbelt.The building has been conceived as  [ Read More ]


As we know that water is source of life, it is very refreshing and very natural in any room or garden. Backyard ponds, fountains and other water bodies can embellish a terrace or garden, but if you do not have enough space to accommodate pond or considered too difficult to make. It is mini pond ideas for each in indoor and outdoor, including a small front porch or backyard garden. It would take only a little space. The easiest way to create is to use the container as a base for pond, then you can put anything you like as  [ Read More ]


Wedding is not to be grand and luxurious, these days anything can be a beautiful backdrop to the real wedding ceremony. Planning process simpler bring everything from the wedding really interesting for the bride. I came back with some romantic wedding inspiration and also an alternative to proper wedding backdrop. Everything can be your own design, collect some old stuff, old barn doors, colorful ribbon, paper ornaments and sparkling lights are all ways to your wedding decorations. In this article you can find ideas backdrop of indoor and outdoor wedding, simple but very romantic. Borrow one of 30 wedding backdrop  [ Read More ]


Today I want to talk about kids bedroom ideas with two concepts. As we know in advance that kids have a pleasant life, they have no problem living so heavy that they must be plain, especially in its infancy. As a parent, you must be very fond of them and you need to give them best facilities in support of their development. One of the facilities that you can give is creating cool kids bedrooms so comfortable when they have to live and learn in the room. But we always have a problem in space, including for parents who have  [ Read More ]