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Summer vacation is often used as a gathering to hold a garden party with family. This is the perfect moment to enjoy outdoors and decorate your garden. Bask in the sun with a lot of bright textiles, personal place settings and some nice finishing touch. The garden party takes place in NYC shown in IKEA, roof colorful umbrellas provide some shade from the sun and provide a decorative effect is magical. Is not it beautiful?


Who does not know the game Clash of Clans and Hay Day, because I am also including two big fan this game. Gaming company located in Helsinki, Finland has created a lot of hype lately. The company is now worth $ 3 billion in large part to success the game Hay Day and Clash of Clans, these two games are among the top ten grossing app in the iTunes Store, according to AppData. Supercell produced more than $ 2.4 million per day of income, according to data released earlier this year. Their success was apparently supported by cool office, if  [ Read More ]


There is a practical ways creating a romantic atmosphere in the house. Fireplace candle should not burn anything, candles are a wonderful way to bring warmth and love. I have put together some cool collection to transform underutilized space into something inviting. Wood as a candle holder is a perfect idea imitate a real fire, it is very safe because they do not really need a big fire. Fireplace screen also fine idea to display the wax with a romantic ways, just choose a design that suits your interior. I myself prefer the vintage style, this look always gives a  [ Read More ]


Nothing is as comfortable baby furniture, the best thing by Charlie Crane, new baby furniture manufacturer that rocked the baby furniture sector. Charlie furniture collection is available in two variants: Levo and Noga with beautiful and natural design. They are inspired by Scandinavian minimalist design and craftsmanship 60’s, they can proudly display in any room of your home. The furniture is made in France, furniture Charlie Crane has been designed to facilitate baby and parents, they have also been tested under the norms of the safest security, so you do not need to worry. Here’s a collection of baby furniture  [ Read More ]


Good news for you who like to collect shoes and pretty obsessed with shoes as well. They come in all different styles, colors, heights and the best they always come up with new designs. But if you are facing the problem storage with limited closet or shoe shelf that can not accommodate all of your shoes, then it is time to begin to think that something needs to be done. DIY shoe storage solution is an effective way to solve all your problems, just dig in dark corners or make your own DIY shoe rack according to your wishes. I  [ Read More ]