Valentine’s Day, a day to share the love that is always celebrated every February 14. This celebration is very crowded celebrated in various parts of the world be it in Europe, America or even Asian countries like Japan, Korean and China. Well, for those of you who want to celebrate the day sharing affection with husband, wife or beloved children on the 14th of February next, might be able to mimic the following interior design to create a festive atmosphere sweet.

To create a festive Valentine interior design with family, you can prepare decorating heart-shaped cards are usually sold with red or pink. Sometimes there are also cute cartoon motifs such as a teddy bear which can also brighten the atmosphere of the house when Valentine. You can take the children to be creative stringing ribbons, decorative paper and greeting cards to be hung on the wall, near the fireplace, or a table display in the family room. Guaranteed to be a cheerful atmosphere of the house in a short time.


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