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Have a girl who was growing into a teenage girl would need to be well prepared, including their space, in this case is bedroom. Generally girls need space “remit” when growing up. They need privacy, and often bring a female friend just to simply play into the house, even to the room. If the previous room filled with dolls, now they will begin to leave the habit. They also have started to realize the appearance, so the presence of the mirror in her room becomes important. However, for color selection usually girls like the color pink, although it is possible  [ Read More ]

I have plenty of time for Christmas holidays this year, I think want to spend it with bedroom to change. This morning I got out of bed and found a 10 spectacular bedroom ideas are so warm and comfortable. I’m really going to spend all day in bed wearing my favorite pajamas if I could, but Christmas time is hard to pass up, there are plenty of things to do today. So I’ll share a collection of bedroom daydreaming instead, perhaps one is your favorite! source: bloglovin

Want to have music bedroom theme, maybe you’re a teenage and music lovers, of course you will understand true attractiveness has a bedroom with musical theme. It is not too difficult to implement in the bedroom with cool decorations. Bedroom reflects the personality of its occupants. The bedroom is very personal space. Therefore, each person must be returned to bedroom after a day of activities. Music bedroom can make you feel comfortable even if you are not a musician. You do not need to know how to play an instrument to have a music themed bedroom. All you have to  [ Read More ]

For christmas we want to greet kids room more beautiful than christmas last year, a variety of christmas decorations are often make me confused in choosing kids bedroom ideas the most appropriate. Christmas is still about a month away, but the spirit of christmas and the joy I had felt. I want to share the happiness of Christmas from now, here you can see a collection of christmas bedrooms with a variety of creations that will inspire, ranging from christmas trees, lights, ornaments to bed. It turns out not only the fireplace and christmas gifts, decorate a child’s bedroom is  [ Read More ]


I want to change the room to be more cool with dark colors and a touch of classical music, a teenage room ideas are not too complicated and I think everyone could have it. I hope you also like a collection of youth furniture to sweeten the room, a combination of strong colors such as orange and blue seem to give a bright atmosphere in the dark theme. Orange chair looks so charming! Black baskets from old tires, very cool and useful for storage. Blankets and pillows taken from the winter collection. Headphones and old LPs adds classic. and lastly,  [ Read More ]