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Kids bookshelf always bring cute and adorable designs, such as creative kids bookshelf design with stacked teacup here. This bookshelf has four storage shelves and a selection of different colors, it is only four meters can be easily accessible by children. The basic white to bookshelf design, while combination of the colors green, yellow, blue and pink give touch of color to more beautiful life. We liked creative kids bookshelf ideas, how can get inspiration from teacup in the stack and convert it into an awesome book shelves. You will certainly see for yourself after the like-minded this children bookshelf  [ Read More ]

Kids development can not be separated from science, teach children to read early on can train your memory and positively impact to grow them. Cute minimalist bookshelves for kids rooms will provide a storage system at the same time beautify their rooms, kids bookshelves serves to put their favorite books, maybe when we children also must have had a few favorite story books. Bookshelves design is pretty minimalist, fresh colors and shapes are cute definitely make children like it. This rack should be in place on the field that is easy accessible, it aims to make it easier for kid  [ Read More ]

How To Decorate A Pipe Shelves for Book Storage – make use of unused items into something more useful will really help you, one of them making bookshelves furniture from pipeline, which consists of three levels. Iron pipes have a texture that is strong and durable, as well as two electric lights in lighting needs to add, this pipe shelves retaining natural colors. You can build your own book storage and how pipe shelves to decorate? In this post will be discussed in full make pipe shelving ideas, We want you to enjoy it to try yourself at home. Pipe  [ Read More ]

Bookshelves is a great home furniture that are in use for room decor, in addition to it is functions for storage design turns bookshelves also have interesting shapes and colors. Modern bookshelves design with tree branch collections are multifunctional bookcase ideas, combined the concept and beauty inspired by tree branches with a lot of places to save. Bookshelf tree branch design is deliberately built as original, makes it easy for you to remember putting a book or make a category where you must save. Bookshelves is available for children and teenagers, modern bookshelves furniture theme with tree branches. source :  [ Read More ]

Wooden bookshelves design ideas from Lago is good news for those of you who like to read, this is a wooden bookcshelves design with unique and stylish form that you can attach it to the house interior. Most famous furniture designers from Italy has issued bookshelf designs collection that you can select to taste, it is also quite practical when in wall  shelvesshelves. Find interesting shapes from one bookshelves design by Lago because besides being a bookcase, wood bookshelves designs can also be as furniture can beautify your home interior. source : velvetcushion