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Fifa world cup 2014 has been underway in Brazil and stadium became the main place to hold the world’s most prestigious sporting event. Many countries from all over the world come and compete at the stadium to prove who is the best, this project by Brazilian photographer Leonardo Finotti examines the architecture and social impact of the stadium that hosted the first game will begin in Sao Paulo. The Brazilian government is planning to build and renovate stadiums for the series of twelve international games during the world cup this year, starting in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro ends  [ Read More ]

Photo-based interior lifestyle in Los Angeles is the work of photographer Laure Joliet, a girl with incredible photography talent and focus on interior shots. I have checked their website to see what he produces lately and I really liked each shooting to see if I could share. Laure has big enough to share, because he signed a contract with brand new photography agency, This Represents. So I think he deserves the beauty of any interior photos. In this article I gave newest collection of Laure inspire me, and for more detailed work with him then you need to check with  [ Read More ]

I could linger for sitting or just spending time on the balcony, because this is my favorite place when I want to relax and enjoy the tranquility. From above I can catch a view of the city especially when night. My balcony is very small even I can say they are just covering a few square meters, so I wanted to renovate the balcony and I was really happy with the result. I gather ideas that inspire obscure small balcony, turned out to be very easy. I just need a bit of lighting, potted plants, chairs and possibly comfortable carpet.  [ Read More ]

Prepare welcome cheerfulness to design your balcony in the chic boho style, balcony inspired by Gypsy culture is identical with bright colors for spring or summer. Easiest way is to start by collecting and playing textiles bright colors, warm atmosphere more complete by adding blankets, rugs, or even curtains. Some accessories Morocco strengthen boho balcony style like lantern, colorful large floor cushions, also complete with garden shades for potted plants, succulents, cactus or your favorite flower. The most beautifully balcony that you can make the most romantic reference, please feel free to put your favorite things and unique accessories from  [ Read More ]

You would think this is lovely room with Scandinavian style, the first time I saw it I also thought the same, I am very fond of even Scandinavian design stairs there. Finally I would like to know where this and hope to find the story behind it. A complete surprise I found that it was not a real room. It is the work of digital artists with outstanding talent. Scandinavian interior pictures was created by Pickcells visualization studio for Swedish ladder manufacturer with a variety of forms. On the official website they also say that the lightning setup specifically be  [ Read More ]