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I believe the days of your pet dog becomes more fun with an awesome dog house after seeing the post today. They are not big houses Russian millionaire, or a Hollywood star but a dog houses that was born under a lucky star. Some dog house design even is very creative, unexpected places turned into a dog house that blends with your home decor. You may ask if the dog knows to appreciate the works of architecture, but 15 houses this awesome dog will definitely make the heart swell with pride owner. If you are a dog lover, you should  [ Read More ]

The use of indoor plants is always fun. Today many of us who live in crowded urban areas with little natural greenery, it makes the plants become very important in the whole space. This time I really want to add green space to the next level, which is almost like an urban jungle. Any type of plant can be utilized, ranging from hanging plants, succulents, cacti and many more. Take a look at more examples of wonderful room that is filled with plants, I’m sure you might feel like being outside and enjoying the whole coolness. source: apartmenttherapy

Christmas leaving only less than a week before you are ready to welcome Christmas. Many of us who want a amazing Christmas decorations but many of us face the problem of lack of space, especially to put the Christmas tree. For you who have the same problem, I will discuss how to choose the Christmas tree saving ideas. It is brilliant we see what a small Christmas tree will be much dominate to decorate them with the best way. Took some beautiful small tree or make their own fir branches and put them in vases, then decorate with ornaments right.  [ Read More ]

Christmas leaving only about 2 weeks, and it’s still not too late to make a beautiful Christmas advent calendar to count every day remaining. There are various christmas advent calendar ideas available, and most of them are very easy to make your own. Starting from the most easily is a package of paper and boxes, you can put a few surprises or candy in it and let the kids enjoy the open box every day. Christmas trees can also be used with variety toys or ornaments hanging Christmas with numbers. Christmas advent calendar is identical to the numbers, so today  [ Read More ]

Christmas beach is an unusual thing we’ve encountered on Christmas decorations. No spruce, no flower ornaments, snow and snowmen, but there are so many fun things about Christmas beach. Speaking of beach Christmas is always synonymous with a sand, warmth, and sunlight, and I have put together the best beach christmas ideas for this year. You can start by taking a few branches and decorate them with shells and starfish, make tree ornaments ocean driftwood or on the table. DIY Christmas filled beach many handmade, fill it with sand and shells, or create a romantic atmosphere themed beach. Start changing  [ Read More ]