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Are you a wine connoisseur or just want to put a few bottle wine in the home, you may have to look at functional home wine storage ideas below. If you want a house with luxury touches but do not have the space for wine cellar, you can make one quite a bit under floor your kitchen. I have collected various shelves and drawers for store wine bottles in the kitchen and dining room, take advantage of your kitchen island for save space or to hide it under floor. Storage under stairs is very practical for limited space, you just  [ Read More ]

I have seen various types of stairs with simple colors and shapes, but I think that the painted stairs will transform into a more pretty home decor. For those of you who have a simple home, country-style, or want to modernize your holiday retreat stairs ideas then this is perfect for you. Rather than using the fast rugs dirty, some paint will give your staircase look fresh and pretty in the colors that you can choose yourself. Stair runner is usually a good choice for stairs, but you can also give a bit of creativity with quotes, rainbow theme or  [ Read More ]

Floor tiles can be beautiful works of art in the hands of creative people, whether it be through a pattern or color that will inspire you. Currently no longer neutral floors, floor to find his own way in the world and become as important as the walls. Today is my preferred floor decoration to beautify the home, from ceramic, porcelain, vinyl and everything between them. So make sure you check out 10 best room with beautiful tiled floor below! Wing is floor tile in the collection of Bolon Studio from Bolon, using contemporary woven vinyl floor tiles that lets you  [ Read More ]

Wedding is not to be grand and luxurious, these days anything can be a beautiful backdrop to the real wedding ceremony. Planning process simpler bring everything from the wedding really interesting for the bride. I came back with some romantic wedding inspiration and also an alternative to proper wedding backdrop. Everything can be your own design, collect some old stuff, old barn doors, colorful ribbon, paper ornaments and sparkling lights are all ways to your wedding decorations. In this article you can find ideas backdrop of indoor and outdoor wedding, simple but very romantic. Borrow one of 30 wedding backdrop  [ Read More ]

IKEA again presents new curtains to freshen things up, colorful textiles inspiration to all the changes that you need to create a space that you love. So take a look collection of IKEA window curtains with soft touch in below to get some ideas for bringing new life into your home, enjoy from IKEA. Your window treatment doesn’t have to be the same size as your window. In fact, big curtains can make your window and your whole room look bigger. Here, we’ve gone for a bold black and white look with a touch of nature. It’s easy to bring  [ Read More ]