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The Poppi theatre designed by Clei, This is single horizontal wall bed unit with sliding TV unit, Poppi converts with a simple movement into everyday bed with a wooden slatted base. Transformable system composed by a tilting single bed with slatted bed base and a lateral bookshelf, provided with a sliding cabled panel for TV display/LCD, where cables remain always hidden during its movement. This system can be independent or integrated in the CLEI Living System.

Innovative balcony furniture is to modern lifestyle and comfort, furniture that lets you enjoy the outside from balcony as a retreat from the sun, noise and bustle of the big city. This furniture was designed by Tim Kerp, also known as SIGHT. It has a large white sphere made from woven plastic with padded interior, a window draws the eye to beautiful side of the city. Weave creates a space that allows light and air to seep through it but still provide privacy and shade for users. Position furniture can be accommodated as you wish, so you can adjust the  [ Read More ]

No one expected the Scout House opened its first store in a quiet street and parking becomes worse as now, many people have told Orlando Mesiti that he was insane. Immediately Grey Street store in Melbourne suburb of St Kilda has something different about it, and it was immediately filled with an amazing collection of housewares including some antiques. Scout House was assembling carefully curated new and vintage items, some of them familiar, others are waiting to be discovered. Classics of everyday not to date, but is ready to soften with age. We aim to supply items destined to become  [ Read More ]

If you’re visiting Amsterdam then do not miss a visit to a gorgeous shop Sukha-Amsterdam is located right in downtown Amsterdam, famous for their crafts furniture and eco-friendly mindset, unique items and labels. The store was founded by Irene Mertens, curator of goods with continuous background, one advantage of Sukha-Amsterdam is redecorated goods, not the result of design or production. Beautiful color furniture collection is dominated by shades of white, gray, black, and natural. Here is the meaning according to their stores, “Visiting the shop Sukha was a wonderful experience with one-off poems and doodles that puts a smile on  [ Read More ]

This table design is perfect for winter, designed by Michael Harbour by bringing together two different furniture. “Warmpath tells the story of two familiar objects, a table and a stove, meeting on a cold winter day. Their dialogue gives shape to an unexpected object. Objects, like chemical elements, all have their respective and unique properties. The table and the stove both have the property of gathering people. Like a chemist who experiments by combining elements, I have been mixing the nature of these two objects to create a new reaction. The conducts of the stove run through the surface of  [ Read More ]