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House number is the first time guests see when they drop in, but show off house numbers can be a bit difficult task. If you are creative and smart why do not you make DIY house number projects to indicate to everyone. You can play with house number and make them more attractive, no reason to settle when there are so many options out there. From techniques and materials that are unique or even smart placement, outdoor display the house still represent yourself. This is the first impression you give to the people who first enters your house. You can  [ Read More ]

I really liked how to breeze blocks work to house wall. They are not only unique but can give Scandinavian touch in any room. Hollow cement blocks have been commonly used as a building material is important to structures wall since the 30’s, 60’s entered them into a more modern and decorative especially often used as an ornamental wall. They define mid-century modern design, I like them to give ethnic touch and I hope to include them in the house somehow. Obsessed by breeze blocks eventually I collect 20 awesome breeze blocks ideas and how to apply them in any  [ Read More ]

Who is not familiar with The Avengers? Set of superhero that is always awesome, especially with the joining my favorite superhero, Spiderman and Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War makes them even more cool. This time I do not want to discuss about movies, but in this article you will see what we can do with Marvel Avengers theme. It is about wall art, the decor is simplest to create concept of space according to your wishes. Superhero theme usually used for kids rooms, but I have chosen 10 best Marvel Avengers wall decoration specially for teenagers and even  [ Read More ]

It’s not just the usual tourist trip, at Kadriorg elegant forests older than 300 years, there is a path that hangs in the forest. Being in this path you will feel slightly changed the appearance of the forest. You are no longer looking at forest from ground but you will be closer to the leaves and closely through the branch. Were on site throughout the area of 1.000.000 square meters and footprint 71,08 square meter enables you to get a travel quite a long and amazing. It’s like a piece of architecture that exists for forest as forest for architecture.  [ Read More ]

Lately I started to feel stressed and worried, I think even I have high blood pressure or insomnia. Various ways I do to reduce all my problems, and I finally found a practical solution to add aquarium in house interior, I believe aquarium can be a great way to relax. Many studies have shown that watching fish can reduce a person’s stress levels, lower blood pressure and make us feel more relaxed. Besides all the health benefits we get, aquarium can be a cool addition to interior style that attracts a lot of attention. The shape and type of aquarium  [ Read More ]