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Who does not know Lego? A game of this exclusive arrangement is very popular and liked by children. But who would have thought it with a little creativity, Lego hacks can also be very functional. Some time ago, many people see new possibilities and uses Lego is not just a toy, but it turned into something really useful for home purposes. Lego has inspired many people to give it a new purpose, I think about how many things we can make because I do not know what I was doing with them before writing this post. That cable is no  [ Read More ]

Need inspiration for wall colors paint the front of your house? It’s really a combination of two unique color tone that dominated yellow. Installation bright colors are designed to Rayen, a vegan restaurant located in Madrid. This (fos) is the name of the first ephemeral installation by the multidisciplinary team (fos). This means light in Greek and melted in Catalan. In this project have been represented by the skin that covers both vertical and horizontal surfaces. To complete the decoration added to furniture in paint, pineapple and lights. A visual game between perspective and color volumes are visible. If you  [ Read More ]

No matter whether you are a hunter or not, antler is really cool in home decorating. I think there are many ways we can do to put them in the house and one of them became wall decoration. This is really trendy look to any space, even though the decor is more suited for men. For women, use your antlers for jewelery or as coat hanger, then you’ll get a different view. Today antlers has made a very modern decor and here are 20 antler ideas would you apply in your room the next. Happy hunting and find your antlers  [ Read More ]

Hidden storage effectively saving you storage space. They can be fun to use and make, and very important role in protecting items in your home. Maybe for some of the room you want it to look neat, no more kitchen tools, sponge washing dishes or even medicine that are not in place. Or for security reasons you want to keep car keys and key in a secret cupboard, all you can do yourself with hidden clever storage ideas. In this post you will see many places unexpectedly turned into favorite place to save your items include storage hidden stairs, hidden  [ Read More ]

The house today are usually equipped with a wood-burning fireplace, it is very useful to warm the room when weather is cold or winter. But unfortunately it also means you need a place to store all firewood. Everyone will want everything easy, including firewood close to you so you do not have to travel to a cold warehouse through snowy yard, I guess you do not really want it. Firewood that is left will look dirty, it brings some problems and unless you live in a rustic mountain cabin, chances are it is not too confusing you. But then if  [ Read More ]