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Selecting wallpaper walls had to be in accordance with theme interior in your home to be attract and look amazing, attractive wallpapers that when installed will give the impression of beautiful and not boring. In determining type of wallpaper there are things you need to consider, here are some decorating tips for wallpaper ideas and 22 cool images to inspire you. Choose Your Favorite Color Begin specify wallpaper with your favorite colors. If you are a favorite with the color green, preceded of green color. Likewise, if you would prefer to grey. By selecting a color, at least you can  [ Read More ]

Wedding photos are often used as a reminder most romantic in our lives. But for some people they are often difficulties in displaying wedding photos with the most appropriate home decorating. This week finally came many photographs of the wedding, I was deliberately create frame for collection of wedding photos and start thinking for display on the wall. We waited a long time to hang a picture, especially in the bedroom as first choice fell on bedroom. This is quite useful because we can always remember our wedding day even when we wanted to go to sleep. In this article  [ Read More ]

I am among those fanatics with music. For me everything about music always gives special memories, even old record and vinyl are part of music history and the role they are never forgotten. Until today, I still save a lot of vinyl records hidden somewhere in the loft or forgotten in the back of the closet. Instead of letting record collecting dust in a storage unit or basement, why not turn them into cool and useful items? Vinyl records are simple enough to melt and mold, thin for cutting, and lightweight, making them easy to DIY. You can find some  [ Read More ]

A piece of furniture that is versatile, I love the style of glamor that perfectly united bar cart. Whatever your style, with a handful of important and decorative touches, cart provide extra storage, utility and work space. You can quickly see and access what’s inside, even trays, cutlery and wine bottles fit on the shelves. Bar cart can be used not only for party but also in any other room where you need a piece of practical storage, kitchen, living room, bathroom, home office or whatever your room. You can also create your own DIY bar cart so as you  [ Read More ]

Valentine’s Day will arrive next week and maybe you are not ready for anything like me. You should not be afraid, I have compiled 20 most cutest and easy to make DIY project, but this time not for you or someone special, but I will try to give special for pet dogs. Nothing is pure and uncomplicated as affectionate dogs, your faithful furry friend in your every mood. And in the spirit of celebrating love, I want to share with you some pictures of the sweetest Valentine’s Day dogs that I found on pinterest. Hopefully you more easily prepare this  [ Read More ]