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This kids room belonged Asher 22 months, and Holly 3.5 years when their mother, Belinda Kurtz also an interior design specializing in nursery. Belinda began her career a year ago, in addition to a nursery, kids bedroom and playroom, she also received orders on demand adult design space. The traditional design is characteristic of the design, the look of his room full of vintage pieces. Since moving home when Asher is 3 months old and Holly going to bed first big, Belinda began to think to combine their rooms while engaged in some interior design work. After they share a  [ Read More ]

What color is right for nursery? After we celebrate the vibrant colors last month, it is time to give a chance to a neutral color that dominates. Neutral nursery does not specialize for a particular gender, so it can be used for boys and girls. This color also feels soothing, soft, and comfortable for baby, because when we talk about the nursery, all mothers want the best for sure and of course must be as comfortable as possible. 20 neutral nursery ideas will inspire you find one of them, may help and get inspired!

Kids room usually used according to their age, and this became a problem when they start to grow up. Parents want a beautiful kids room, most people would not want to redecorate every year or so, which means that the design should be able to grow along with the kids development, even into his teenage years. Design company based in Ukraine, DA Design can realize your desire to give kids room for two generations. Their designs are really stylish, fun, and make a simple but comfortable rooms for children and adults. Enter your kids room is mostly a basic color  [ Read More ]

This is creative kids bedroom design that will turn their rooms. Magical and functional bedrooms in the imagination of their own, both luxurious and practical indulge every desire of the children may have. Walking in this room looks like the kids will actually want to go to bed, they can play and do what it wants. All themed, from the pirates bedroom, forest, space, Cinderella trains , and many more. I can only imagine all of this epic adventure for kids who are lucky can enjoy in the bedroom of their dreams. It’s a kind of space that allows a  [ Read More ]

Small kids room is always a serious problem for parents who are not smart to accommodate all the necessary requirements for kids bedrooms. Limitation space and many items sometimes make your child feel uncomfortable, now everything can be overcome by building a small kids room with smart saving ideas. In this article I will show you some smart saving ideas that will be very helpful for parents who do not have a wide space. You can find a wide range of kids room from Barcelona interior designer to inspire you make a small bedroom with some practical and minimalist furniture.  [ Read More ]