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Outdoor play is very fun, but what if winter comes it and make kids can not get to the outside of the house. You do not need to worry, you only need to make small hideaway in the room. Besides safer for kids, indoor playhouses will bring pleasure, warmth and comfort of home. There are various ways make the indoor kids playhouses, one of which is to change the bunk bed into play area, or you can take home some of the themes playing the kids prefer. Here are 15 awesome kids playhouse suitable for entertaining the kids when winter  [ Read More ]

Summer is the best time to play outdoors, we all will try to spend a lot activities outdoors, it was very refreshing and fun. Your kids are no exception, and I am sure they would love to play outdoors. As a parent, you have to make kids feel happy playing outdoors, you can set the outdoor play area or building cheerful playhouse. Playhouses are usually small, so the idea of this kind is suitable for large garden or small backyard. Large playhouse usually good for boys and girls if they want to invite friends, read, play and enjoy the summer.  [ Read More ]

Let kids enjoy playing outdoors is fun, but when the weather prevents them from going outside you may need another solution for their daily dose of play and sport. Forget the days when you say “do not go play outdoors or just tell the children go to their rooms” has a negative connotation. How about some indoor gymnastics and other fun structures? Here is a further alternative of coolest swing indoors and sports accessories. See what you can do, who knows you may find you have an Olympic gymnast in the future at home or even in fact your kids  [ Read More ]

Looking forward to born the baby is very nice, especially when we prepare nursery special for her. Various models and everything looks interesting, so we are confused to choose what kind of design for our nursery. This baby room give us ideas about the layout of furniture, wall color combinations, wall hangings, floor, as well as elements that support the other baby’s room. If we do not have the baby’s room, this picture can still be used to search for a child’s room decorating ideas, there are even a few examples of the baby’s room is also suitable for interior  [ Read More ]

Gray nursery is absolutely adorable. This week seems to be filled with gray, after yesterday Natalie Ann Photography featuring neutral nursery for baby beautiful, now turn Everett soothing room. After seeing how festive birthday party Everett first, we could not wait to peek into the baby’s room. The first thing I see is a wall light gray, cots and some truly amazing wooden toys. Looks a little vintage style though our room was very comfortable and made us want to take a nap in this room. Each child will surely grow with fun in this room, especially for Everett and  [ Read More ]