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Kitchen is modern and elegant wear concept, originated from newlyweds Ryan and Tim moved into a house on Guerro St. in San Francisco. Ryan is an avid cook and talented as a chef, maybe this is what inspired them to remodel the kitchen more functional space, filled with natural light and modern style. Transform kitchen into their first order of business is to open up, Ryan is also a hobby cook wants to plan a wedding and renew the kitchen. Although they said it was not easy but together they want to fulfill that dream. After experiencing the changes and  [ Read More ]

I am looking for touch of vintage and cute design for kids room, consider the personality and tastes of child becomes most important thing I have to do. Some children are inspired room with a lot of detail, perhaps as colorful contemporary style. Black and white child’s room might be another option, the color scheme is typically seen as boring for a child’s room. It is not usually associated with children’s room, but it really works. The combination of black and white is able to give peace to their rooms, even some very adorable collection. Here is an idea that  [ Read More ]

Modern storage shelves are designed for kids rooms, trendy design and style using more classic elements with modern touches that keep everything well organized. I often worry when children makes it all falls apart, I need practical solutions which can make them learn discipline in fun way. Scandinavian shelving system was designed in 1949 by Nile Strinning, this rack can be configured in countless ways to right solution to your needs. The best reason to choose a rack walls is its ability to grow with your child, from their infancy to adolescence, this rack can be utilized. You can always  [ Read More ]


The desire every parent is to give best to their children. Would not it be nice if your home is designed to help your child develop with perfect way? Such as creating their own play space in accordance with their wishes. You will find many ideas for baby room and kids are fun to play, learn, and just be a kid. This is IKEA children’s room inspiration and latest furniture has transformed into a colorful child room. It’s no problem having guests over in this playroom. We created it to show what might happen if the kids get to decide  [ Read More ]

Cute and adorable collection of wall decal for kids, Stephen Edward Graphics specializes in children wall decal, custom wall decal, phrase decals, decals Bible verse, laptop decals, and iPad. I was lucky peek at some ideas that will beautify wall decals room children around the world. Decals are designed for all purposes, ranging from the bedroom, playroom, or even children’s learning space. It draws from this collection is hand-made wall decals, made vinyl and the best wall decal. You can even order your customized wall paper, following an amazing inspiration to kids wall decal!