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Walking in Kirsty room really make me fall in love, pink decor everywhere celebrate everything looks girly. This room is designed for sweet daughter of the last child four siblings, so her mother is very excited to welcome their little girl into the house and get busy with color pink in her room. Kristy room was adorable, all pink colorful, do not miss storage cabinets also sweeten the room. Kirsty was very lucky to be the last daughter, because she was getting more than a little boy in general. If you have daughters, do not need to wait until the  [ Read More ]

Looking forward to birth a child is very pleasant indeed. Moreover, when we prepare everything from now on, including for nursery. There are many nursery design specifically designed for them. Various models and options all looks attractive, it makes us confused to choose children’s room design as what works for our children. Utilizing wallpaper and wall stickers you can choose to create an atmosphere more cheerful baby’s room. When you do not want too many colors, combine two contrasting colors only, so it does not look too crowded. Use bright colors for nursery carpet so the room still looks spacious  [ Read More ]

Every parent would want best to their kids, including determining the bedroom design according to their age. Sometimes all parents have a major problem when they try to get their kids to go to sleep, this problem can be circumvented by building bedroom fun and exciting children’s bedroom with bunk beds funny that they will love and is very useful for you. I find amusing example of a car shaped bed for kids, as we all know getting a car shaped bed is not difficult because many of the market on line that provides creative children’s items. The bed is  [ Read More ]

Kitchen is modern and elegant wear concept, originated from newlyweds Ryan and Tim moved into a house on Guerro St. in San Francisco. Ryan is an avid cook and talented as a chef, maybe this is what inspired them to remodel the kitchen more functional space, filled with natural light and modern style. Transform kitchen into their first order of business is to open up, Ryan is also a hobby cook wants to plan a wedding and renew the kitchen. Although they said it was not easy but together they want to fulfill that dream. After experiencing the changes and  [ Read More ]

I am looking for touch of vintage and cute design for kids room, consider the personality and tastes of child becomes most important thing I have to do. Some children are inspired room with a lot of detail, perhaps as colorful contemporary style. Black and white child’s room might be another option, the color scheme is typically seen as boring for a child’s room. It is not usually associated with children’s room, but it really works. The combination of black and white is able to give peace to their rooms, even some very adorable collection. Here is an idea that  [ Read More ]