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country kitchen decor

Country kitchen design still exists and in love because it has historical value and looks simple, rustic interior is dominated with wooden accents and classic furniture to enhance the traditional impression. Structuring good closet and open space with large windows allowing you to see the scenery outside the home. Wooden roof truss and floor mingling with wooden ceilings also looks chic form of traditional touch. It reminds me of the past, into the dining room with kitchen space to improve togetherness. You can see the stone wall diperapian right under the ceiling of natural wood, classic table and chairs set  [ Read More ]

Kitchen is the best place I want to put up wallpaper, shiny and uniform surface design makes me tired to make a big change in a small space. Choice finally fell for luxury wallpaper, I think they are still cheaper when compared to tile or fancy furnishings, while wallpaper is easier to clean and it was very enjoyable. Most people have trouble installing kitchen wallpaper with a variety of reasons, little success tip you can give to a wall of plexiglass layer between upper and lower cabinets to protect the paper from water and oil. It inspired me to find  [ Read More ]

You may often find stuff strewn across the kitchen, if you want to find a little inspiration to make a small kitchen organization, then I will help find the best way how to organize a small kitchen. Closet organization can be done by reducing the packaging rather than having to buy a new one, I want to add some kitchen equipment with pots, pans and emergency pantries. You need to place the cookware with trying to make a wall hanging rack storage or homemade. This is the 10 organizations that offer DIY kitchen pot rack and ideas for how to  [ Read More ]

Kitchen is most important part of the house, such as the heart where the family gathered throughout the day to eat and spend time together. You will be hard to distinguish between inside and outside, the kitchen will be invited to bring nature to the concept of space. Trees and mountains visible in concrete, wood and organic shapes in everything from floor to the field and storage racks. A homely kitchen and realized, with clean lines and white background. Designed by Norema, a designer from Norway has created a Scandinavian style to rustic and modern kitchen ideas. each has their  [ Read More ]


I always wanted large kitchen with open space and functional. Italian designer kitchen, Scavolini create a combination of large and small that I want. This large kitchen ideas with all the amenities, you can make a living room or kitchen area in the apartment. Contemporary design of the collection looks fun kitchen to meet your needs. Easy to setup with the majority of cabinets on one wall, and geometric shapes using straight lines and rectangles. I was pleasantly surprised with the selection of colors, natural elements to be integrated with modern design table and chairs for dining. Here are some  [ Read More ]