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Many people believe that presenting plants in the house will help freshen the room and air circulation. We all know that indoor plants are the new cut flowers, but there is one particular kind of traditional plants that are outdoors taken to live in some of the walls of the coolest around. This is staghorn fern with large green leaves and unusual shapes. Staghorn currently in demand by a lot of people to another world and additional decoration of their homes, often mounted on a wall or hung in a basket. Check the 20 rooms in which they look fresh  [ Read More ]

Hobbies succulent plants or the like has become a new trend at the moment, so I thought I would share some DIY painted plant pots from all over pinterest collection that you can easily make hobbies. Terracotta pots are the best option for pot outside or indoors, adding a bit of color or pattern is also very pleasant way to bring some life to an area of the house with your pot to coordinate the colors you love. Do you like neon colors or simple lines, I believe that here there is one of which is your favorite. Consider using  [ Read More ]

Summer always arrive early, this makes shady trees block the sunlight coming and a new problem for ornamental plants. The best solution is to move them near a window, a gorgeous collection of pots hanging macramé be my choice besides plant ideas really made me fall in love. I found them on a site that features macramé hanging plant design and I realized they were perfect. You can see the single and double chains, can be applied with a simple burlap. So if you are interested in trying to have one at home? Perhaps the image below to change your  [ Read More ]

Wheatgrass decorations make the room look really fresh, especially welcome this spring by adding green space will feel close to nature. This time I collected some cool decorating ideas using wheat grass. Most people prefer to put fresh wheat grass in a bucket or pot, or bowl and decorate the dining table, there is also a window or put it in the kitchen. You can see a variety of lawn decorations in detail in this article, most chose a strange place to grow grass, even old computers can be used. Wheat grass suitable for decorating a wedding or formal parties,  [ Read More ]

This gorgeous hand-painted pots, available in two colors pink and gold. Create beautiful hand painted pots, golden arches pattern flushed with pink background. Size 33cm (diameter) x 28cm (height), made fiberglass, light. You also can order the size as you wish. Design pot is designed for indoor use. Designed and make in Melbourne, Australia by Hunt and Bow. Here is the size, color and design (from the options available below) and they will get it made! Please allow three weeks. SIZE Small – 33cm (diameter) x 28cm (height) Medium – 40cm (diameter) x 35cm (height) Large – 50cm (diameter) x  [ Read More ]