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Indoor plants is a fun hobby, but it would be a problem if you live in small apartment and do not have a garden. Is there any possible way you can do for your gardening in small apartment? You will be pleasantly surprised in many ways, it is actually much easier than growing outside. All types weeds and garden pests will all be a thing of the past and never will you see when you move your greenery indoors. Your plants will not be the only useful, many plants have actually been shown to improve indoor air quality by absorbing  [ Read More ]

There is a special reason why I chose yellow for my front porch this year, I thought it fit the theme of summer and I can not wait to make yellow colors as a family favorite. Yellow identical is bright, cheerful, welcoming, and worked with exterior color of my front porch. Yellow also always been a challenge to match color with furniture. You just need to add some farmhouse style with yellow seat cushions, lanterns, or warm cozy rugs. I love sitting outside with a front porch full of flowers makes me reluctant to move, kids also would love to  [ Read More ]

A window box add beauty and personality to your home. This is practical and easy way for you who like gardening because you can display plants and flowers that suit your mood. We all know that the window display can be very expensive, so it may be best option for you is to make your own DIY projects. You can use an old wooden crate, or arranging a few planks of wood into window boxes. In this article we will look at the 25 window box planters with creation and beautiful colors, all of which can you get up in  [ Read More ]

I love art in the garden, including garden ball and how they will look pretty in your garden. Gazing ball it has been popular since Victorian times, but usually they are made from glass, expensive and easily broken. Then I thought to try something a little better, different and unique. DIY projects are very beautiful garden ball to tuck in a shady corner, to give the impression of glowing on flower beds, or add some embellishments to the garden path dull. I hope you will like this project, they are so easy to make from recycled bowling balls, organic with  [ Read More ]

You are confused in managing backyard garden to look beautiful and comfortable? We’ve already told you a few garden designs, ponds and fountains to your outdoor. Now maybe you need a deck, a place covered with wooden planks, but this time I wanted to try to incorporate some of the elements other than deck like a fish pond and garden. All would agree that the deck gives the impression of cool to any garden, there is the sensation of barefoot walking and enjoying the natural wood under your feet are always warm due to sunlight. While the fish pond will  [ Read More ]