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Interior with open concept has many advantages, especially if your home is small. It gives the impression of a wider without the barrier wall and allows you to access any part of your home. But what if we want a little privacy, or bored with the open space? If you think building a wall will cost a lot of budget, you should start thinking about divider room ideas that is easy to have a beautiful aesthetic value. There is plenty of divider room ideas with a unique style of the moment, such as wood, rattan or also with furniture. This  [ Read More ]

There is always a way to make the room more comfortable and warm, one of which is to incorporate wood elements in various ways. I’ve always liked pallets and recycling themes for new woods, for example you can place wooden logs on the walls of your house. Today I encourage myself to inspire you about wood logs wall, this will give your wall an artistic and artistic look with a charming rustic style. You can install a wood log wall in your living room or near a fireplace, so you will have both, wall hangings and functionality. Wooden log wall  [ Read More ]

Nowadays people prefer to spend time outdoors instead of having to stay indoors. Therefore, outdoor decoration becomes very important when we talk about the open living space. Pergola is probably one of my favorites to decorate this outdoor area, and today I want to share how to make your outdoor area so beautiful with the idea of a modern pergola. The needs of today’s lifestyle, make me more happy to choose the design of modern pergola. Covered by plants or not, wooden structures will add elegance and romance to your garden, patio, and outdoor area. Pergola becomes a garden structure  [ Read More ]

It is hard to imagine how this old house could look more attractive, built in 1952 and has been renovated by architect Cliff May who now also as his personal residence. The Experimental Ranch House is a unique picture of the evolution of the ranch-style home is located in Sullivan Canyon in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. I like the open concept by allowing some natural elements as the main force. The restoration of this house to rebuild the original layout with an open plan while preserving the integrity of the original wood beams and the structure of the  [ Read More ]

The dorm rooms are usually tends to narrow, dark and difficult to set up. This assumption was not one for staying there is dominated by a student or students, perhaps because those dorm rooms are just a temporary resting place while they are learning a higher level. For those who are creative, dorm rooms can be transformed into beautiful room decor, space limitations and the difficulty of putting furniture is not an obstacle to make your dorm room stay comfortable. One of the most popular and most easily encountered girls dorm rooms. The girls are happy to always perform optimally,  [ Read More ]