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Scandinavia is the best place to build beach house for family, such as scandinavian wooden house with view of the beach which is located in Bergen, Norway. This house is very beautiful with dark wood walls that create a dramatic effect, it consists of two floors with different functions in each floor because there is more privacy for parents, while the lower floor specialized for children. Large Windows allow you to see directly the beach from inside home, hardwood floors almost dominate entire room to create the impression of a country house in modern home. This beach house designed by  [ Read More ]

Home theater has now evolved into fun entertainment space for entire family, classy home theater design and awesome sound systems can of course give you satisfaction in watching movie. Inspiring home theater design from Cedia will spoil you by the best collection of home theaters, giving priority to quality and comfort became main focus of home theater ideas of Cedia. We’re pleased to tell you that having home theater can create home atmosphere became more fun, let alone time togetherness feels longer because we can gather in this place. Cedia has successfully completed home theater systems match our expectations, there  [ Read More ]

Dinner table sets became an important part of christmas decorations, let alone for a little while again we will welcome in christmas day look forward to, so we are thinking of giving to you about most amazing christmas table setting ideas. There are a lot of christmas table decorations that you can find here decor, colorful dining table looks much dominate the table setting for christmas this year, giving flower ornaments and little lighting it seems more refreshing. Are you ready with a lot of ideas from our christmas table settings? Don’t miss the variety of christmas table decorations that  [ Read More ]

Christmas decorations are seen everywhere, from christmas ornaments, christmas trees to wreaths, Danish house for winter 2013 answered our questions about making entire room into christmas themed. We like the winter when christmas came, spent time in house will be more pleasant with beautiful christmas decorations, there is fireplace that can be warmed and some simple christmas light. Maybe this time you also are looking for christmas room ideas, Danish house design did in designing specifically for christmas rush and every corner of the house is indeed very noticeably with the feel of christmas. Danish house design almost like a  [ Read More ]

Black and red is coolest colour combinations for bedroom design, we see two colors is more elegant if it feels at add with just right bedroom decor. Black is color of the free and unfettered, so you can freely create with your own imagination. Red more impressed brave and give spirit in room, many musicians or young people who liked bedroom design in black and red, this color can inspire them to believe in creating new things is great. Perhaps you’re curious how this bedroom can do it, in this post there are black and red bedroom ideas in coolest  [ Read More ]