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We do not think if this apartment is an attic that has been renovated into a modern apartment, DHD architecture and design successfully complete white apartment with modern naturalistic approach. White became the main decoration choices and dominate this apartment design, modern architecture is indeed in preserve but minimize furnishings aim to give more space. White apartment design gives a lot of inspiration that will create value and beauty, DHD architecture focuses on outstanding service, giving you an understanding of the dream apartment concept. In this article you will enjoy white apartment design with modern style, we sure can give  [ Read More ]

Bathroom mirror is indeed mandatory furniture that must exist in your bathroom interior, but for some people put the bathroom mirrors in deem less practical and spend a lot of space in wall bathroom. Bathroom mirrors with stylish cabinet by Sonia can assist you in selecting bathroom mirror ideas while making it as a multifunctional storage, mirror design is shaped cabinets with a lacquered fiber board, while the holding rack has 4 mm thick with door that can be opened in accordance with your taste. Bathroom mirror also looks for wearing elegant crystal glass material, placing bathroom wall mirror is  [ Read More ]

Comfortable resting place is located close to the beach and has a very convenient location, amazing wooden homes with iconic beach by Herbst architects open summer home as destination for relaxing holiday. This home stands in forested areas and facing directly onto the shore, consisting of two floors with glass roof that aims to create a more natural light. The structure of the building, located in hills to the challenge of this wood home design, Herbst architects combines contemporary style and more minimalist furnishings. You will see precision wooden home design from pictures below, amazing wooden house offers comfort for  [ Read More ]

Luxury and modern house by jorge hernandez architects located in Mexico, young and talented architects who have won many awards in the field of architecture. This house is in a residential neighborhood with location and views beautiful, luxury house design actually also in order to enable office, has four floors with an imposing building styles. Modern elements are visible from the selection of furniture and a brilliant spatial, architect who has real name Jorge Hernendez De La Garza is indeed always gives a surprise for any of his work. Let’s look at modern luxury house design and who managed to  [ Read More ]

How the house could serve as place to live while green play area? Small green house design by Andrew Maynard architects present two concept homes that are fun. A lot of interesting features in this home, not just floor alone but roof also uses green decor, there is a place to relaxing in rooftop connect with the street at once can be set as skateboard. Small house designs are very eco-friendly, furniture and minimize many of the outdoor play area, even though this house is unique but could be alternative for your family. Green house plans is indeed always make  [ Read More ]