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In addition to front porch and front door, windows are also very important in Halloween decorations because this is the first thing your guests will see. If you want something that really stands out for this Halloween, window silhouette can be an easy DIY project in a few minutes. Silhouette is easy for any window decorations, they are usually in a good black color seen in the dark, it can also shine look more sinister. You can buy them in party stores or make your own using paper or cardboard, it was very simple because they are attached to the  [ Read More ]


Scandinavian workspace style into a modern allure that focuses on functionality, naturalness, open windows, soft lighting and large space to think. The interior design focuses on simplicity, usefulness of each room, but without neglecting the elegance and beauty. This post will take you find twenty inspiring work space that will open your mind and your choice, creating a view to look forward every day. Some Scandinavian workspace designed within space restrictions or as part of the bedroom, examples from around the world has a collection of white space in mind. You’ll start to think to fill workspace with a light,  [ Read More ]


No matter whether you are a hunter or not, antler is really cool in home decorating. I think there are many ways we can do to put them in the house and one of them became wall decoration. This is really trendy look to any space, even though the decor is more suited for men. For women, use your antlers for jewelery or as coat hanger, then you’ll get a different view. Today antlers has made a very modern decor and here are 20 antler ideas would you apply in your room the next. Happy hunting and find your antlers  [ Read More ]


Halloween can be unique time to love each other until death when you want to tie the knot at around Halloween. While Halloween wedding may not be a common theme, but it is a popular one and there are so many fun ways to infuse your holiday in celebration. Whether you decide to keep the theme of lively and friendly or even want something different like a scary and ghost. If you liked the most spookiest night, but hesitated committed to this theme on a great show, then you should really check out 35 this Halloween wedding ideas. Easy to  [ Read More ]


Live in a tiny apartment sometimes make our limited space, but it does not apply in this apartment. Is located in central Taormina, Italy by having an area of 25 square meters, but can reflect the value of space. Designed by Renato Arrigo architects with lots of furniture surprisingly, one of which a bed that can disappear into the ceiling ready to provide additional space for daytime activities. You will see Space is Luxury stating inscription under bed when it is raised. Not to stop there, a front door frame fittings can be turned into dining table or patio table  [ Read More ]