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I always liked the simple DIY project but can function optimally. One of my little obsession in life is wooden crate, including putting some rustic function in home decor. Is that a antique milk crate, new crate, old crates, crate painted, everything is not a problem. I think some of you may be obsessed with crates and DIY crates project. In this post I have compiled my favorite crate project to inspire you and give you some ideas about how to use the crate in your house. The results are really surprising, I did not think could be useful vintage  [ Read More ]


Most dorm rooms have a decor that is free and youthful. Not a bit of dorm rooms using American flag display as a decoration that characterizes, because college is gathering place for every student from all over the world. I am among those who likes to hang flag on the walls of my room because I was happy to see every day. Some may argue and say it is disrespectful and unacceptable, even US Flag Code states actually disrespectful to use the flag as a curtain or blanket. But I think there is a right way and a wrong way  [ Read More ]


Peel and stick fabric posters are the perfect way to bring some style to your room. When you have a few favorite photos, and you can be sure have had a lot. We’ve got a great new way to turn it into wall decoration. You probably know SnapBox is a company started by turning your instagram photos into professionally printed, framed canvas art work in just a few clicks. And now they’ve expanded with SnapBox Peel & Stick Fabric Poster, so you will be easier to create works of art of great photos that unlike vinyl, they are odor free  [ Read More ]


This apartment is located in city Lviv, Ukraine with 73 square meters. The apartment is made with modern style with yellow accents suitable for young family. I like the color yellow, because Yellow is color of one of the most cheerful of all, but it is rare to find in a modern decor. Perhaps because yellow is so bold and adventurous, or maybe it was just because it is difficult to find a yellow interior. In this post you will see yellow apartment featuring bright colors this versatility, ranging from furniture to smooth bright pastel palette, bold accents, until smooth  [ Read More ]


Star Wars fever seems to hit almost all over the world. Especially after appearance of the movie Star Wars seventh revival as an important pillar of this science-fiction movie. We found some great ideas for boys room themed Star Wars, maybe you want your kids to grow up to be a Jedi, or maybe you are just a fan of the movie, but nevertheless awesome room will realize the dream every kid in the world. Earlier this year you can also give a big surprise to transform kids room into a Star Wars theme. So be prepared to keep the  [ Read More ]