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Contemporary maracana house designed by Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados in 2009, this house is very strategic because it is located in the Maracanã Street in São Paulo, Brazil. From the Architect. Sao Paulo. In this town, whose contemporaneity is able to put in front of the most extraordinary urban contrasts, inhabit it may prove an encouraging condition. In search of a place where it can be experienced, the idea of elementary residence acquires the character of the event here. Thus, as we had decided to post up in silent oestes intricacies of the metropolis that the Maracana Street house  [ Read More ]


Halloween table decorations is very important when you want to hold a Halloween party. Now it’s time you let your imagination and realize every scary thought that can be applied into cool ideas. Make a dramatic atmosphere more easily this time, many shops and dining table equipment that provides all of your needs. Accessories skulls, spiders, snakes and human body parts seem to have been quite dramatic. Halloween table setting actually very easy, you just put a black tablecloth, pumpkins creepy, or take all the crafts for halloween and create cool table center. Black, white, red and orange are popular  [ Read More ]


Black and white is a classic accent which is always interesting and popular of all time. Choosing this color for Halloween decorating is a cool idea brilliant, stylish and perfect for any Halloween party with your colleagues. Decorative easiest is to buy some black and white artificial pumpkin, put some black and white wreath on the door or table set with this theme. The most innovative idea is the white room decorated with black crows and spiders on the wall, adding some decorative fireplace, or a scary skull. Black and white can be a tablecloth that looks beautiful, while you  [ Read More ]


Pink is the color of pretty and adorable, and what you can do for pink halloween decorations? It would have been nice, maybe not too scary but you have to try it. Make or buy some pink wreath or decorate your door with pink theme. Pink pumpkin carving is also very interesting, they add a wonderful rustic touch while your house look stylish. Soft pink adorable, it creates a cheerful mood and will help you with your decorating. I want to give you the option of different pink accessories such as candles, table decorations, pink glowing pumpkin and dolls. Here  [ Read More ]


October a few days away, and we know the time looking for Halloween ideas that might be more interesting outdoors. Decorate the outdoors with your own Halloween decorations, such as trees, shrubs, gardens and natural surroundings become part of a very good. Be prepared to have fun with cool ideas and scary, artificial ghost, skull, and crow looks so real. Children will be surprised when they come to your home, give them a bit of fun with outdoor Halloween display that is really scary. If you are looking for something different, choose a theme witch or ghost, and combine them  [ Read More ]