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The bathroom is a useful space in the house. This room should always be sterile because we need about cleanliness, but the bathroom also needs to look beautiful and inviting. If you are looking for how to make artistic bathroom with a dose of warmth and personality, then only need to add a Persian rugs. Placing one lasting textile for bathroom will give glamorous touch and a changing room that is usually cold into a warm and classy. The following 15 Persian rugs for your bathroom for those who still hesitate to choose this decoration. Be prepared to enjoy the  [ Read More ]


Farmhouse kitchen is an interesting choice to change your kitchen into a space that is comfortable, warm and inviting. Always timeless vintage style to any room, including the kitchen becomes a place where everyone gathered for cooking, eating and chatting, so the kitchen is often used as an important part of the house. Designing farmhouse style is actually very simple, farmhouse means rustic and types of traditional, classic kitchen furniture, wooden beams, and vintage table you can try. Do not forget wicker basket, shabby impression and upholstered furniture with shelves. This makes your kitchen look really stylish farmhouse, Here’s 20  [ Read More ]

chinese-new year-dining-party-design

Chinese New Year begins today on 19 February and at the same time be a celebration of the goat, also known as the year of the sheep or ram, is already underway in China and throughout Asia. Chinese new year in the lunar calendar is the most important holiday in China and is a public holiday in countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesian and Malaysia where there is a large Chinese population. Celebrating Chinese New Year this year is not complete without party chinese new year, today all the family and friends gather to share their happiness at the dining  [ Read More ]


Looking forward to born the baby is very nice, especially when we prepare nursery special for her. Various models and everything looks interesting, so we are confused to choose what kind of design for our nursery. This baby room give us ideas about the layout of furniture, wall color combinations, wall hangings, floor, as well as elements that support the other baby’s room. If we do not have the baby’s room, this picture can still be used to search for a child’s room decorating ideas, there are even a few examples of the baby’s room is also suitable for interior  [ Read More ]


Laundry rooms includes an important part of your home, laundry room should also be a place where everything is clean, fresh and looks neat. But many of us ignore the function of the laundry room, I’m sure you consider even laundry room is not too important because it spends a lot of room. If you experience this, then you have a problem, especially if your laundry room is not very big, it could be disastrous. This time I would like to invite you find laundry room ideas that will saving space, here you will see there are many ways of  [ Read More ]