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Bird cage not only serves to maintain the birds, through the creative ideas you can create a variety of interesting birdcage decorations. If you have a collection of unused cage, perhaps this article will help you make a bird cage into a home decoration or a variety of other purposes. Bird cage can be a beautiful accessory for a wedding, you can combine them with colorful flowers and hung or used as a table decoration. You can see some picture ideas for home decoration bird cage below. For example, the cage can be party favors, there are also cage decorated  [ Read More ]


Moose Road Residence is sustainable homes with three stunning views, designed by Mork-Ulnes Architects on a piece of land that overlooks three known local land formations, including ‘Eagle Rock’, ridge and valley vineyards. The main problem is how the construction of this house framing three separate views while at the same time maintaining the existing oak trees on the site. This house stands on stilts of steel to protect tree roots are breaking up. Although it looks magnificent, the house was built on a small budget, any size and material actually minimize waste and can be used optimally. Here’s dream  [ Read More ]


I am among those who love pets, especially cats. But cats can often damage the interior and furniture, so I need a litter box that can hide it so it will be a native accent decor. 27 cool cat litter box looks like a home but blend with the interior, put it somewhere in your own toilet or bathroom. Although many litter boxes for sale, you can also create their own box with some furniture or just a big box with the entrance. The entrance can be any shape such as a cat or a head, hiding behind a curtain  [ Read More ]


Along with the development technology has many of us who live in big cities and crowded. This makes the desire to create a natural green space that is able to give a cool room in the house. Indoor garden is believed to provide fresh air for those of you who want to get out of the heat of the city. Many of us make do with a plant pot or window box, but in this article we give you 15 indoor garden ideas that will change your life. Wall garden could be an interesting alternative for those of you who  [ Read More ]

playful kids chair ideas

Playful kids chair with creative colorful designed for modern children. A collaboration playroom and furniture that will beautify their world. Each chair is made of plywood plated, hand woven using 100% cotton rope, and finished with water-based top coat. Or you can choose a seat fun to play seriously. It probably would help the children to sit still, or at least in one place. Simple chair design makes this furniture according to their age, is available in two attractive colors of your choice, following child chair ideas which can change their rooms.