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Pamper yourself with a soak in the tub that looks modern and luxurious. When it comes time to relax, there is no harm in releasing all the burdens and let you slip into the sparkling foam tasted like heaven. If you compare to hitting the spa for some well-deserved, I’m sure this luxury bathtub is much better as you will find comfort in own homes. Are you looking for the latest features or just simply want something special for your decor, this bathtub design collection of the best designer for menginpirasi. I would also like to say thank you to  [ Read More ]

Paper stack should not be just thrown in the trash, recycled paper unused it can be a beautiful decoration for your home. Paper is the material most graphic and easiest way of recycling and thanks to its texture, sensitivity and unity, paper is one ingredient that is often used by many people for various DIY projects. Train your creativity and start by recycling some piece of paper, you will feel better and you will be satisfied with any results you get regardless of the quantity recycling. We would like to encourage you to make changes and concerned about waste paper  [ Read More ]

Greet Christmas and new year 2016 be a job that I have to prepare from scratch. When the little girl I want Christmas theme that suits her age and she hoped her friends would love to play at home on Christmas. Finally, I chose hello kitty Christmas theme and I am very happy because my little girl also loved it. Hello Kitty is the cartoon mascot of Japanese company Sanrio that are well known both inside and outside Japan, a beautiful design and an adorable with the color pink will make every child wants to have them, so I think  [ Read More ]

Many people believe that taking a holiday is able to eliminate stress and give new vigor when the activity should return. If you are planning a holiday to momentarily escape the house on the Spanish island of Ibiza recently built by architectural firm Blakstad Design Consultant. This house is absolutely perfect make anyone fall in love, using the traditional style fincas or Spanish farmhouses which is typical for the island. I like the mix of white walls and rustic wood which gives a fresh look, poured cement floors and a thatched roof outside the room as depicting the sandy beaches  [ Read More ]

We are always looking best decoration at the same time sweet gift for Christmas, how to realize easiest ideas and certainly must be handmade. Although Christmas is still a few weeks away and we are all very excited at what gift to give. Let’s join the revolution jar, and find your own decorations and gifts for Christmas holiday this time. Everyone loves something made by hand, sometimes gift are packed can make it much more fun and much appreciated. DIY Christmas jar projects is not just a gift, you can create a variety of unique Christmas decorations such as Christmas  [ Read More ]