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Many people believe that presenting plants in the house will help freshen the room and air circulation. We all know that indoor plants are the new cut flowers, but there is one particular kind of traditional plants that are outdoors taken to live in some of the walls of the coolest around. This is staghorn fern with large green leaves and unusual shapes. Staghorn currently in demand by a lot of people to another world and additional decoration of their homes, often mounted on a wall or hung in a basket. Check the 20 rooms in which they look fresh  [ Read More ]

Asian bedrooms can not be separated with zen element, if you do not know what is zen? It is harmony and relaxation. Zen element not only in Asian but also features a minimalist style that is harmonious. Bedroom style is very easy to do, even you can use the most minimalist colors such as black, white or gray. Asian decor should be harmony, does not need an abundance of accessories and other stuff. Asian bedrooms has many variants such as Japan, China and Indian are commonly used accessories candles, paintings, figures and flowers. Materials should be natural, add some plants,  [ Read More ]

Christmas this year will likely be filled ornaments many unique and unusual, it seems that interest is also an alternative that is beautiful for Christmas tree decoration. With a little color and creativity, you can transform into a tall pine tree, full of colorful bouquets. Floral give a touch of the unexpected and wonderful to dark green branches. Fresh aesthetic and naturally became the main concept to take a contemporary style that we rarely see in decorating the Christmas tree before. Time for us to revive tradition of the holidays with Christmas tree project which consists of color choice, flowers,  [ Read More ]

Before Christmas and New Years, I was inspired to embark on projects that have ignored previous year. For those of you who have kids, maybe One is the you forget to organize kids closets. I want something that is simple yet able to keep all the kids need, bright colors pop and easy access, and it seems more in love funny curtain rather than a door. Incidentally, I have some kids with different ages, so I think set kids clothes sizes will be very helpful, especially when the clothes they should be mixed with older siblings. I like how these  [ Read More ]

Today is Mother’s Day, a special day for me because I knew my mother had given the best even for a bedroom. Inspired by a mother’s love, today I want to show DIY kids bed with two different types namely house bed and house headboard for a twin bed. The first DIY project consists of construction a canopy over the open space as imaginative play for kids. When winter comes, this section is a great way to bring some fun indoors without sacrificing playing time or sleep because there is a lot of space that they can use. If you  [ Read More ]