Christmas this year will likely be filled ornaments many unique and unusual, it seems that interest is also an alternative that is beautiful for Christmas tree decoration. With a little color and creativity, you can transform into a tall pine tree, full of colorful bouquets. Floral give a touch of the unexpected and wonderful to dark green branches. Fresh aesthetic and naturally became the main concept to take a contemporary style that we rarely see in decorating the Christmas tree before. Time for us to revive tradition of the holidays with Christmas tree project which consists of color choice, flowers,  [ Read More ]


Approximately one month we will welcome the Christmas full of joy, do you know what the best of Christmas? one of which is Christmas tree. For some people who are tired of the traditional Christmas decorations, maybe now is the time you try to go for minimalist and simple. The idea of easiest is to leave tree like that without many colors and shades, just put it in a basket or pot to hide the base. However you still can add lights to tree is also a good idea, especially if you already have a plant pot and do not  [ Read More ]