Not everyone is lucky to have a spacious room, even just to store stuff in their homes often difficult. But now you can try practical solutions how to utilize each corner for extra storage. Corners of the house is a place that most people ignore or do not know what to do with them. This is not surprising because corners do not come up with an automated solution like other parts of the house. If you think creatively it is not possible to transform spaces into easy DIY die storage rack by making some cool designs. And if you are  [ Read More ]

DIY bookshelves is made from quality pine and fit 90 degree wall corner. All shelf described weathered finish with stain applied on the outer edge, while white accents are applied as line the shelves. You can find them on etsy site for more advanced options, racks will be sanded and all holes filled, ready for you to paint or stain in any style you want. All racks come with keyhole corner mounted for ease of installation and sturdy as a garnish. This rack is equipped with the option to hang shelves long side to the left or to the right.  [ Read More ]