Flowers and plants are believed to increase a person’s mood, even many of us who live in the city dreaming of life in the hills with flower garden and found himself living in a greenhouse. This is a romantic interior, natural colors, from pink to green, combination of rustic elements, and very comfortable. You do not need a lot of furniture to make this idea, the less furniture then it is very important to give way to nature. Indoor plants urgently need a lot of natural light, so remember to choose a house with many windows for your home next.  [ Read More ]

Summer always arrive early, this makes shady trees block the sunlight coming and a new problem for ornamental plants. The best solution is to move them near a window, a gorgeous collection of pots hanging macramé be my choice besides plant ideas really made me fall in love. I found them on a site that features macramé hanging plant design and I realized they were perfect. You can see the single and double chains, can be applied with a simple burlap. So if you are interested in trying to have one at home? Perhaps the image below to change your  [ Read More ]

Cactus is the perfect plant to beautify your room, but for some cactus plants require extra care and maintenance, will even take your time. DIY cactus be a practical solution for those of you who like this type of plant, you can now create their own cactus garden with creative ideas. You will see cactus made fabric, paper, wood, or even cactus valentine gift. Some very adorable cactus collection, such as shape dolls, zen garden, and many more!