Big game like the Super Bowl always leave rubbish beer bottles everywhere, this is also true for you who are watching at home with friends and family. Maybe you need some DIY creative ideas for all the beer bottles were hogging space in your recycle bin. There are different ways how to utilize the unused beer bottles into beautiful decor, even some DIY ideas following very useful for household needs. I have put together 20 different ways for you to put beer bottles into good use as chandeliers, candles, clocks and much more. Just scroll down and find one of  [ Read More ]

Today they are very eager to share DIY small outdoor party ideas that was built from scratch, initially unused space and just being in the backyard of the house, so they decided to build a little joy there. And by anything, I am very literally mean anything. Here’s look at the photo before it becomes a reality! They started with small corner of this unused next to workshop. This space is not used for anything and does not seem to have too much potential, but as soon as they get started DIY project for small party space (You must know,  [ Read More ]

I want to have a weekend with fun activities, we all love pom poms and I think make some useful furniture creations for home decor. Inspired by Brit + Co, using pom poms for a wonderful project that can be used around the house in three ways. This is a 3 in 1 DIY projects such as rugs, wall hangings, and table cover. This project is very functional and just needs some time, invite friends to help you and spend this weekend with something special. The decor is interesting that you can use three completely different ways. Materials: – about  [ Read More ]

Furniture is cheerful with most amazing color art, furniture initially is only for personal entertainment but now you can also have it. Their store sells variety products cushion and paint a diverse picture, you just need to order it and find favorite furniture color. The idea began when the graduation dinner for almost a year ago. It turns out they both have the same desire, and finally opened the furniture store. Together they find that we have something that might work if you collect. via: mobelpobel


It is super easy to make solution DIY garden for wedding, if you like the main part of the natural area then suspended with a japanese hanging estate you must have. Kim Fisher Designs try to modify it so great for weddings, but you can pick it up in the house after that. We give DIY garden ideas that will beautify wedding, so do not miss seeing the step by step below! source: ruffledblog