Paper stack should not be just thrown in the trash, recycled paper unused it can be a beautiful decoration for your home. Paper is the material most graphic and easiest way of recycling and thanks to its texture, sensitivity and unity, paper is one ingredient that is often used by many people for various DIY projects. Train your creativity and start by recycling some piece of paper, you will feel better and you will be satisfied with any results you get regardless of the quantity recycling. We would like to encourage you to make changes and concerned about waste paper  [ Read More ]

Good news for you who like to collect shoes and pretty obsessed with shoes as well. They come in all different styles, colors, heights and the best they always come up with new designs. But if you are facing the problem storage with limited closet or shoe shelf that can not accommodate all of your shoes, then it is time to begin to think that something needs to be done. DIY shoe storage solution is an effective way to solve all your problems, just dig in dark corners or make your own DIY shoe rack according to your wishes. I  [ Read More ]

Today they are very eager to share DIY small outdoor party ideas that was built from scratch, initially unused space and just being in the backyard of the house, so they decided to build a little joy there. And by anything, I am very literally mean anything. Here’s look at the photo before it becomes a reality! They started with small corner of this unused next to workshop. This space is not used for anything and does not seem to have too much potential, but as soon as they get started DIY project for small party space (You must know,  [ Read More ]