I have long thought about decorating green space with more hanging plants, give me a little freedom to make one of the hanging planters with a natural texture, sculpture, and just interesting as the green itself. Plant pots play an important role in the garden project, choose a favorite flower or plant pots that I found at the bottom of this article, I hope you too will enjoy it. Alessandra chose plantation with beads, according to the older post of Business Day Carnival. Both were beautifully decorate furniture chairs for relaxing and enjoying the time. A simpler version of pot  [ Read More ]

There are different from plant pot by Etsy, mini pots it can make a room more colorful than freshen the room. Neon color ideas for planter pots into an enjoyable mini plantation, suitable for small air plants and succulents. You do not need a large space in storage, mixing several design small pots in the house, at least you will create beautiful interior with pots. Brite Mini Planters Bring the outdoors in…in style with these adorably modern mini planters. Great for small succulents and other cactus varieties. Each carefully hand dipped in a bright neon Pink, Yellow, Orange and Purple.  [ Read More ]