Green is a natural color and very refreshing, which is great for every season because it brings an element of nature into the room. We recommend to use the green on your home decoration, it is suitable for different rooms. Creating an accent wall in your bedroom, add rugs and lamps to reinforce the theme. A few pieces green accents in living room is also an interesting idea to bring some color. A green bathroom is nice to wake up in the morning and feel some freshness. You can combine green with black to create dramatically effect, with white, yellow  [ Read More ]


Back to the green space into the tree house design theme, a recurring theme in my house is making me feel like the outdoors. Not necessarily humid weather, scorching heat of the sun, and insects are annoying. I like to use pieces that bring me back to nature and create a relaxed environment in the room. The first thing is to enter the wood and other natural elements such as fabric or organic textiles, I was ready to build a tree house dream. For those of you who live in urban areas may only get a few hours of sunshine,  [ Read More ]