There are various ways make homes comfortable, touching things related to textiles always bring beauty into the home decor. IKEA textile helped me get inspired warm, a rug here, there sunshade, seat cushion on the seat dining room, a big squishy pillows on the couch. Towels to snuggle, tablecloths which you can wash or wipe. Do not forget a blanket, small blankets and bed linen! Maybe the carpet again will improve it. All IKEA textile collection is complete here, and I hope you find your favorite design! These are all things that must be owned by a bedroom. Filled with  [ Read More ]

IKEA again presents new curtains to freshen things up, colorful textiles inspiration to all the changes that you need to create a space that you love. So take a look collection of IKEA window curtains with soft touch in below to get some ideas for bringing new life into your home, enjoy from IKEA. Your window treatment doesn’t have to be the same size as your window. In fact, big curtains can make your window and your whole room look bigger. Here, we’ve gone for a bold black and white look with a touch of nature. It’s easy to bring  [ Read More ]