Each kids certainly loved playhouses, clubhouse, and their fortress. Nothing can bring back the pleasure of childhood including make a play area for kids, and what is unique about them is that playhouse right under the stairs. This is a great way to take advantage of the extra space when giving a marvelous kids playhouse. I have compiled 15 amazing kids playhouses under the stairs that will make you really want it to one of these when you were little. I hope some collection of playhouse your own triggers to build something really special for little kids, let’s see! source:  [ Read More ]

Outdoor play is very fun, but what if winter comes it and make kids can not get to the outside of the house. You do not need to worry, you only need to make small hideaway in the room. Besides safer for kids, indoor playhouses will bring pleasure, warmth and comfort of home. There are various ways make the indoor kids playhouses, one of which is to change the bunk bed into play area, or you can take home some of the themes playing the kids prefer. Here are 15 awesome kids playhouse suitable for entertaining the kids when winter  [ Read More ]