Who does not know Lego? A game of this exclusive arrangement is very popular and liked by children. But who would have thought it with a little creativity, Lego hacks can also be very functional. Some time ago, many people see new possibilities and uses Lego is not just a toy, but it turned into something really useful for home purposes. Lego has inspired many people to give it a new purpose, I think about how many things we can make because I do not know what I was doing with them before writing this post. That cable is no  [ Read More ]

All people especially kids particularly liked LEGO, even I was wondering how to make LEGO themed room? Finally I decided to look for some LEGO bedroom ideas can I apply for kids room. In this article we will try to use the primary colors of the famous LEGO, I want to create a color scheme including red, black, yellow and light gray. Exciting one of LEGO bedroom is bricks storage appear like the original, but it is actually larger in dimensions are perfect for storing anything and make a kids room has additional details are needed. LEGO wallpaper is also  [ Read More ]