Colorful apartment is located in Melbourne, owned by artist Miranda Skoczek who puts a lot of pretty colorful splash. With a white background makes the apartment very easy as the frame to start the project, rich wood flooring is visible contrast. Although the apartment has a cool vibe, all disguised with eclectic furnishings and objets d’art. Walking in this apartment as an art gallery into the infinite, the following collection of images that will surprise you!

This contemporary apartment located in Melbourne, built very beautifully through the great trust between the interior designer and client. Initially Eddie Kaul and Richa Pant have different ideas for their homes, but through guidance of Hamish Guthrie and interior design company Melbourne team, they are asked to make an understated elegant interior and they are very happy with the end result. Initial intention of this apartment is actually just want to add color and make it fit out the heritage of India, they are pleased to welcome challenges and are satisfied with the results now. Eddie and Richa both come  [ Read More ]