The first thing that comes when we talk of New York City and stylish lofts then our minds will be directly focused on gorgeous contemporary hubs that are draped in opulence. Located in Manhattan landmarked North Tribeca, a stylish loft into a place to stay warm and open. Designed by architect Andrew Franz change old caviar warehouse which was originally built in 1884 into a unique and inviting apartment. Design combined with the objectives of sustainable development and healthy, has relocated to the interior mezzanine that connects to the new green roof garden. Embracing the industrial past while building to  [ Read More ]

This beautiful apartment is located in downtown Manhattan, New York. Belonged to a friend and architect who lived with her husband and two children. While visiting their apartment, I saw a rainbow bookshelf caught my attention. The concept of open space directly visible as part of the interior, bookcase designed to bring light in the room and it worked. Yen initially wanted a white paris apartment, but then realized that the yen is not really like white. Yen did not like to worry about the kids and told them to be presentable at all times. It’s better if you can  [ Read More ]

This apartment provide different colors for loft apartments, neometro located in New York at 231 Smith Street, Fitzroy. Cooperate with Architects and MA Grant Amon Architects in Fitzroy Apartments, for smooth integration combines the old with the new. Some styles refurbished apartments and commercial space, put together through the use of terrazzo tile in wet areas and concrete floors, combined with a decrease in the use of custom pendant lighting and see candy wood cabinets. While the top floor featuring stunning views of Fitzroy and Collingwood as dreaming roof downtown Paris in Fitzroy. The use of bright feature walls and  [ Read More ]