This terrace house extension located in Paddington, Sydney’s eastern suburbs, in the state of New South Wales, Australian. Designed by Adrian Amore Architects with open-plan spaces, allowing more light into the house and eliminating the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. Walking in this house you will be greeted with great folding doors in almost all parts, while the open space concept will make dining area, kitchen, living room and bathroom has a stunning outdoor scenery. For added convenience, materials such as steel, wood and stone will make you feel warm, while the a contemporary feel to white space gives the  [ Read More ]

Everyone dreamed of having an open house where the usual boundary between inside and outside the room blurs the best way. This is the time when you are bearable to be outside, and then you want to be outside all the time, even when you are inside. It seems it is like an impossible dream, unless you live in one of indoor and outdoor spaces are amazing. I am very happy to finally find various room ideas to my liking, and can not wait to come back share with you. Here are 20 space that will inspire you in combining  [ Read More ]