Many things we can do to renovate kids room to make it look beautiful and adorable, one of which is kids room design with pastel colors. This color is very diverse with predominantly pastel colors according to their age. Boys are more appropriate to use pastel blue, green or brown, because these colors symbolize the spirit of tranquility and adventure. Most girls like the color pink, but did you know that in addition to pink, pastel purple color also be used to girls bedroom design. Because, that is able to create an impression of color that gives a soft soothing  [ Read More ]

I am among those who love the pastel colors and have a serious obsession with everything about pastel. I am pleased to write pastel room ideas that includes furniture, walls, and I want to be with you. Very cute pastel pink feminine for you, make the atmosphere cheerful and happiness. Mint might be my favorite hue. It reminds me of ice cream and sea and make any space feel calm. Peach adds a touch of femininity, in addition to pink, or you can mix both up. This is a great alternative to other pastels, gray and natural wood tones, or  [ Read More ]