Are you a music lover? Or you just love to collect musical instruments, then I’m sure one of your favorites is the guitar. But because either too much or you think your guitar is too old to make them have to end up in the warehouse because usually used items that have been unused will be thrown away. This is not true for those who think creatively, and may be an old guitar that has damaged your property has great meaning in your life. Do not rush to dispose of your old guitar, it turns out some recycled items could  [ Read More ]

I do not remember the first time my first guitar, I accidentally discovered my old guitar and think how clever way to repurpose them. Many of us have musical instruments occupy a special place in our hearts, even hard to imagine parting with our first guitar that nobody plays. You know I love repurpose well and did not let the instrument with sentimental value to collect dust, so why not make it appear again as part of home decor? DIY guitar repurpose probably one of my favorites of all time, I’m glad you could come back my old guitar useful  [ Read More ]