Kitchen arranged sometimes very troublesome, this also applies to me that only have a small area. This year I want a kitchen really works optimally, especially for the storage closet. This time I came up with a beautiful modern kitchen design, although small but the kitchen has ample work area. I love the light airy feel of this kitchen, so I think this kitchen would be my next choice kitchen ideas. Glad to share, maybe from there you can add some designs for me!

Having small house will have a little problem, especially in arranging space, such as building a kitchen area with limited space. But you do not need to be disappointed though does not have room for large kitchen, as long as you have creative ideas in arranging the small kitchen will be a kitchen that is clean, elegant and look sloppy. By focusing on efficiency and maximizing existing space, we are able to make small kitchen look more spacious than actual size. That is by maximizing use of space with maximum vertical cabinet design that can accommodate high in a lot  [ Read More ]