These stairs truly unique and rare find, some most original designs and the most bizarre ever made. Although the stairs are built just to communicate the space at different heights through a step by step, you can also make it decorative element of the first order. I like the stairs that serves not just a link of two rooms, here you can see the stairs with storage, library stairs, stairs-shaped trees, and comfortable stairs to sit down. If you need to communicate two spaces at different heights, why not do it in a different way? Here I show 15 unique  [ Read More ]

I have seen various types of stairs with simple colors and shapes, but I think that the painted stairs will transform into a more pretty home decor. For those of you who have a simple home, country-style, or want to modernize your holiday retreat stairs ideas then this is perfect for you. Rather than using the fast rugs dirty, some paint will give your staircase look fresh and pretty in the colors that you can choose yourself. Stair runner is usually a good choice for stairs, but you can also give a bit of creativity with quotes, rainbow theme or  [ Read More ]