This apartment has been renovated over the last year, initially apartment using a variety of rustic design, then turned into a modern style that looks extreme. Retained a rural feel even though some parts are not as before, the result of collaboration with West Elm turns to give the feel of fresh, maybe now is the time to reform while maintaining a rustic modern impression. Here’s a special edition with a brilliant combination. Choice of living room furniture, sofa bed antique blue looks very beautiful. Sofa super comfortable and perfect to curl up, making it suitable for watching movies in  [ Read More ]

This attic apartment completely filled with Scandinavian design, has an 135 square meters and a lot of space which is amazing. The interior is filled with plenty of light and comfort. Mix of classic style and shabby chic touches make these apartments special, you will see it on the white decor, floor with brick, or even wood beams to walls and ceiling. To expand the interior space created intentionally to open, an old fireplace in the kitchen, lights and some cutlery fashioned from brass more perfect. There is a master bedroom window facing the sky makes you sleep more enjoyable,  [ Read More ]

This apartment is major break from remodeling a small apartment in Brooklyn, designed by Michelle Adams and published in November issue of Lonny. Dominates traditional touch and makes it look futuristic. Various floral, horn, wood, leather and fur more perfect with the addition of a stunning white decorating. Best part of this apartment is smart storage space, collection of photographs and journals posted to help you organize your schedule. If you are a woman like an apartment in Brooklyn would be suitable as a residence. Many pieces from restoration hardware style big piece shown in apartment ideas, grab some fascinating  [ Read More ]