Vintage decor is very fit and look charming for kids rooms, they are the main competitors of Nordic style. I even difficult if have to choose one of them. I liked them both with amazing furniture and their funny details. But today I will focus on vintage kids room and get some ideas from Pinterest that shows some space inspiration that I want to share since I first see them. Vintage room had every detail is clear, from wooden floors, old wardrobe, to carpets with a few details but a lot of charm. Warm tones are softened with blue, gray  [ Read More ]

This kids room belonged Asher 22 months, and Holly 3.5 years when their mother, Belinda Kurtz also an interior design specializing in nursery. Belinda began her career a year ago, in addition to a nursery, kids bedroom and playroom, she also received orders on demand adult design space. The traditional design is characteristic of the design, the look of his room full of vintage pieces. Since moving home when Asher is 3 months old and Holly going to bed first big, Belinda began to think to combine their rooms while engaged in some interior design work. After they share a  [ Read More ]

Inspired wonderful childhood memories to create a fortress at once kids play room hiding, I would like to share in creating a magical place where kids dream of, you can make it in the living room or their bedroom, and I hope you find the kids playroom to play and reading. Small tent is very easy in the making, the objects around the house can be utilized with a little creativity, here are the steps to make it. Materials used: 6 six foot saplings (you can also get poles at your local home improvement store) 9×12 painter’s canvas drop cloth  [ Read More ]


Kids playroom is a favorite place dedicated to play and learn, to keep all the toys, books, pencils, or even a place to rest. I would like to share 10 kids playroom. You do not always have a space in the corner of the house but could devote a child’s bedroom or space for their arena, including of ?adorable playroom ideas. Playroom must be functional and qualified for kids, a place where the kids are safe if the walls suffered some scratches or paint fall then nothing happens, which stimulate the creativity of children through a splash of color, of  [ Read More ]

Kids like to play in the house and often times they make a mess of everything, but you can not limit their world because kids always look at the parents and want to be involved in it. Kids play house is the perfect solution to sort it out and give their imagination free reign. Garden into the perfect place to build a child’s play house, beautiful garden renovation so special about the play and its small size reduces too much parental supervision. I imagine having a house while kids play, an old garage with a two-story barn that my brother  [ Read More ]