Bringing rustic style in home decorating is not easy, but this style is able to give natural touch of comfortable and enjoyable. The kitchen became one of the favorite places suitable for rustic style. More striking, rustic kitchen style has evolved with time. If the rustic kitchen design always identical with vintage, it is now mixed with other styles. For example, you’ll find that a mix of rustic and contemporary is the perfect, mix of rustic and modern give unique feel, or even you want to use a mix of industry for DIY projects. All you can do yourself at  [ Read More ]

Homeowners Kristin Harrison spent two years renovating space inside historic house located at 1909 Pasadena, California. Kitchen became his main concern when he began working with interior designers Charmean Neithart and Warren Techentin architecture to create an attractive kitchen design with vintage authenticity combined with modern facilities. This kitchen has beadboard ceiling painted aqua color, kitchen cabinets with beautiful wallpapers and much more. Check them out along with more photos taken by Erika Bierman, so you should not miss! source: houseofturquoise