Need inspiration for wall colors paint the front of your house? It’s really a combination of two unique color tone that dominated yellow. Installation bright colors are designed to Rayen, a vegan restaurant located in Madrid. This (fos) is the name of the first ephemeral installation by the multidisciplinary team (fos). This means light in Greek and melted in Catalan. In this project have been represented by the skin that covers both vertical and horizontal surfaces. To complete the decoration added to furniture in paint, pineapple and lights. A visual game between perspective and color volumes are visible. If you  [ Read More ]

What struck you after seeing this wall art? Originality rooted in the merger, in finding a combination that leaves our conscience of mystery and resurrection. The highest expression by Antonio Mora, a designer and art director from Spain. He wants to give free rein to your fantasy is sake expressive needs through works of wall art for interior. Pictures are opening a gap in our collective memory allows us to watch, even though it was only a hybrid creature that fills our deepest dreams. He describes himself as someone who made a surprise, aware of the images found on blogs,  [ Read More ]

Art is part of the house, there are many ways to create it even on the wall and its benefits is in the eye of the beholder, as the following art wall decor. If you want to choose art, hanging art is a skill that requires creativity and imagination of every person. I see everyone has a soul of art in themselves, but for those who find it difficult then you need to see pictures of inspiration to offer practical solutions. We provide you with guides, tips and tricks for hanging and displaying art on the walls with awesome way.  [ Read More ]