Walls are the best means of expression, this is better than letting a wall with a traditional white look that sometimes makes the room boring. Decorate the children’s room can also be done by changing the wall became the focus of attention, and this post will show you ideas wonderfully painted walls to inspire your kids room the next transformation. Kids wall painting can be a fun job because you will make them happy, you can start by painting walls with simple themes, such as two-tone paints, geometric, or make a thick line for starters. If you have more investment,  [ Read More ]

Home painting is not only for decoration but also can bring good luck. Animal themes for wall interior is believed will bring changes for your fortune. If you do not have the time or space to keep it, then you can choose as an alternative to wall painting ideas. Koi fish is a type pet fish to house decor, coming from China and widely spread in Japan. They are closely related to goldfish, and therefore many people call koi carp, which means good luck. The form is beautiful and full of colorful paintings of fish makes it much in love.  [ Read More ]