Wedding party is not necessarily expensive and luxurious as the meaning of marriage over it all. If you currently have wedding plans then you can try a little creative with DIY wedding decorations below. From start DIY photo frame to bohemian wedding arches, all may look simple but they are very beautiful for decorating your wedding. Make your own wedding ideas will certainly be more memorable than a book of wedding organizer, look stunning on the election DIY wedding decorations cheap and simple that will help you make the dream even more memorable with a fraction of cost of getting  [ Read More ]

Add lanterns to wedding is the most elegant way for your special day. Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes. Paper, metal, or even plastic lantern can work to turn the wedding into something unique and beautiful. If you want more memorable, try your hands to make your own lantern or suit your wedding theme. To help you prepare for wedding decor with lanterns, I think there is no better time than sharing some ideas wedding lanterns. They not only add a light touch to the wedding, but also gives light to highlight the high ceilings or to add a  [ Read More ]