Travel theme is often used by many people as wedding ideas. They assumed that wedding was like to travel to start a new chapter as a couple. Actually there are many ways to make creative wedding ideas with travel themes, one of them a wedding invitation like a postcard, you can also create a photo album of your travel with your couple, or DIY wedding from maps and old suitcases. This theme is more suited for outdoors so that guests can feel the spirit of adventure, so you do not get lost add a destination wedding as cool directions. I  [ Read More ]

Establish receptions wedding decor need to be planned and prepared in advance. Starting from garden parties, bouquet, arrangement of the table, until wedding ornaments which supports your party. Wedding is not always expensive, you can create your own wedding ideas without having to spend a lot money. Creative thinking and references from this article may be pressing your wedding budget, if you are a low budget wedding, cheap decor allows couples to shop for another wedding. Some objected to decor expensive pair that was only used once, and decor cheaper also more environmentally friendly. 25 awesome wedding decorations add to  [ Read More ]

For every couple, marriage is the most sacred moments and special. Preparing for a wedding certainly requires a lot of energy and creative ideas. You could entrust the wedding organizer but what if you prepare everything yourself? There are various ways to make the wedding more memorable, I put together a beautiful wedding ideas from various sites, there is the idea of ??a bouquet of flowers, wedding invitations, wedding gifts, and much more. Preparing for a wedding that was held in itself is not an easy thing, but you do not need to be confused. If you are planning to  [ Read More ]