Are you a big fan from solutions including convenient storage and doubles as decoration. If you have multiple collections and want to add more then you are very happy to have this DIY wine rack. Currently I still keep our wine in the cupboard, but eventually I found the easiest way to build a wine rack. You just need a piece of board and nail to get it started, but I’m not going to show it here, you can discover how make a DIY wine rack from sites that display details about them. Wine racks beautiful enough to be displayed,  [ Read More ]

Are you a wine connoisseur or just want to put a few bottle wine in the home, you may have to look at functional home wine storage ideas below. If you want a house with luxury touches but do not have the space for wine cellar, you can make one quite a bit under floor your kitchen. I have collected various shelves and drawers for store wine bottles in the kitchen and dining room, take advantage of your kitchen island for save space or to hide it under floor. Storage under stairs is very practical for limited space, you just  [ Read More ]