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Living in an apartment is difficult difficult for you to have fun outside, especially during the celebration days such as Halloween. Like most people who want to relax or party when Halloween day comes, the outside area becomes something only those who live in an apartment dream about. Fortunately, there are currently many apartments that are equipped with balconies as a means to keep you have a little space even though it is very limited. Smart apartment owners always know how to have fun, but turning a balcony apartment into a scary Halloween party won’t be as easy as you  [ Read More ]

Who would have guessed that these beautiful wall decorations were all made of unexpected material? Maybe you’ve never thought before, if all this time the cardboard usually only ends up in the trash, then in the hands of creative people this turns into an incredible DIY wall ideas. Cardboard, we often encounter as a box of goodies when you buy something, the texture is strong enough to support the weight and easily formed into craft or home furniture. From wall art to photo frames to DIY storage for all your needs, today I have collected some of the most creative  [ Read More ]

It’s too early to dream about the winter, but you know in the southern hemisphere winter has already begun, even had lasted around June. Wherever you are, I’m sure these months will be cooler than usual, so there’s nothing more fun than enjoying the garden and planting some plants outside. If you think it will be difficult to grow plants in winter, make sure you look for gardening ideas that are most appropriate for preparation for the coming winter. Some types of plants can live in various weather conditions such as hydroponic plants which are popular in winter, but you  [ Read More ]

Live in urban areas do have many advantages, everything you need can be easily accessed and found but do you know if not all people living in the city really feel happy. One of the most common difficulties is that you don’t really have a garden area in your backyard. This is of course a problem especially if you dream of becoming a gardener and must end up with limited land in the middle of the city. When your residence is limited to a window sill, balcony or even a shared roof, there is no other way than to create  [ Read More ]

You can create a miracle of goods are worthless into treasure remarkable. Inspiring pet furniture that you’ve never imagined before. See how they become part of your furniture, and make your pet feel happy. With a little creativity, a new coat of paint and a few finishing touches will change everything. Of course, they are cheap and no less intense with pet furniture sold in stores. Just pick up some of your old stuff in the warehouse and start creating recycled furniture for your furry friend, so today let’s focus on dogs and cats that we know are man’s best  [ Read More ]