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A long vacation arrives soon, that means along with the days getting colder. I’m sure many of you can not wait to look forward to the holiday season, even in some of the houses have started to appear almost Christmas ornaments and decorations in every room. Towards the end of the year, we will be faced with the most festive season, so the best thing you can do is stay in a room with the people closest to you to celebrate Christmas with warmth. If you already feel like you have decorated all the parts of your house both indoors  [ Read More ]

Talk about cliff houses, surely our minds will immediately drawn to the buildings on the site are high and steep. If you think so, then you are not alone because these photos show how the architecture of a cliff house looks so spectacular that even these architects have built the craziest cliff house idea that might only exist in your imagination. Amazingly, these buildings can stand firm in an area that is almost impossible, this is what makes me very excited to share this with you. There are several cliff house design that can be an inspiration for your project,  [ Read More ]

Being challenged on a sloping site, Belzberg Architects have transformed Bridge Residence into an opportunity to stir up lonely exile by making big statements. The house is L-shaped with the higher bordering the eastern foot and features, Hera stacked limestone dry up the front section are mostly facing around on top of the hill. Instead, three levels of floor-to-ceiling glass are protected by deep and siding frames, opening down the site. In this case, the architect is very brilliant in optimizing privacy, sun orientation, and site usage. Blessed by a stunning natural environment surrounded by mature oak forest, this building  [ Read More ]

There are always interesting things and missed during Christmas. Entering the beginning of December we will easily find plenty of twinkling lights and Christmas decorations are on display almost every window store or supermarket. Today I will invite you to reminisce with a row of nice Christmas displays for windows on a limited budget. This idea will be very helpful for those of you who want to make your store or house look beautiful because the window can be a canvas that attracts people’s attention. You will find there are many window display ideas ranging from stickers, Christmas ornaments, Christmas  [ Read More ]

Everyone definitely needs entertainment in their lives. Whatever your profession and bustle, have a game room in the house will add a splash of fun in your life. If by chance you have extra space, take advantage of creating a game room that will become your favorite area, even this area can also be an entertainment area for friends or family. Today we will not discuss computer devices with many monitors and extraordinary specifications. I would like to invite you to really create a private recreation room and entertainment area for your whole family or just a cool room where  [ Read More ]