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Towards the end of the summer it seems like it would not be complete without a party. Does not have to be fancy and spend a lot of budget, the main point you can enjoy some free time in the outdoor courtyard or backyard together with your family or your friends. This is the right time to have a small party outside, soon the weather will start to cool and at that time you can only curl up in a blanket without doing anything. For a few moments it sounds warm and soothing, but I’m sure you will get bored  [ Read More ]

Creating an open closet does not require a lot of space, even you can store all your clothes in one room. See if you are able to create an open closet design that will help you accommodate all your needs and styles, and it only takes a few simple steps to look perfect in your bedroom. Try to make your room into a different atmosphere with the ideas of open closet, this will encourage you more presentable in storing goods. As the name implies, closet is designed to keep clothes neat and easy to find when we want to wear  [ Read More ]

This season is full of beautiful decorations that have taken me to the pleasure of enjoying it, moreover there have been many inspirations that I have found on Pinterest lately. I am ready to welcome spring with full of joy, bohemian vibe everywhere, the classic style of a charming, cozy farmhouse decor, and of course the kitchen area to prepare everything. For my family, the kitchen is the place where it all started, here is where we cook and serve food, so I want to include my favorite lead on Pinterest in the fabulous boho kitchen kitchen decor. I love  [ Read More ]

Let’s take a moment out of the hustle and bustle of summer, and if some of you are happier with winter then take a look at this Queen’s Lane Pavilion project by Carney Logan Burke Architects. This is a guest house that is inspired by nature, contemporary overhauled and are in the most remote sites in Jackson, Wyoming. This guest house is not specifically designed for winter, but wait until you see the snow around, when the river begins to freeze with a stunning expanse of white snow, who is not blown away? This is a vast undertaking with projects  [ Read More ]

Working all day is not necessarily good for your health, especially if you decide to work at home. Home office design should be able to accommodate all of your needs, must comply with the basic work of you and give you a comfortable feeling when you have spent all day at the front desk or computer. Maybe you feel your workspace is now as you expected, but many people forget important accessories which they often forget, even though it is an important part of the job. The clock is a reminder of when you have to start and when to  [ Read More ]