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There is one simple question that is sometimes difficult for us to answer, what is the definition of an ideal house for you? Is that a modern house with complete facilities? Is it a large, rustic, comfortable house? Or a simple house filled with happiness? In this case, I believe people have their answers. But imagine if humans are forced to live on Mars, our neighboring planet distant and lonely. Regardless of how many hundred or thousand years into the future, we have often heard about this discourse, but only this time the plan for a future home has been  [ Read More ]

Dog lovers always have creative ways to spoil their pet dogs. Various facilities and comforts are given to dogs so that their furry friends feel happy and comfortable, such as providing good care and food, dog furniture, to playgrounds for dogs. Talk about playgrounds, dog owners usually like to build a special play area in the house, but this is actually often troublesome because your house is always a mess and look untidy. If you experience the same problem, then you are not alone, so maybe it’s time to think of an outdoor dog playground. The backyard is the most  [ Read More ]

Don’t let your gardening hobby have to stop in winter. The reason is, there are still many creative ways to plant your favorite plants even though the weather outside is really not possible. Winter gardens are made for those who want to stay active without having to leave home, even now winter gardens are very popular and become part of homes that are integrated with the interior. These gardens are usually in the backyard, connected with the house using metal and glass, so you can still plant tropical or semi-tropical plants even though the air outside is quite cold. Winter  [ Read More ]

Inspired by nature, the desk series by Mrs Colorberry incorporated many natural worlds into their designs. Besides art, furniture that takes from nature is a trend nowadays, with wildlife, rivers and forests. This table collection looks like a geodes table that serves as a reflection and respect for the surrounding environment. At first glance this table looks like a genuine slice of agate, Mrs Colorberry’s table is actually made of resin which is poured using natural sources such as crystals, stones, pigments, and luster. The combination of concentric designs and colorful Crystal structures found inside the rocks is the main  [ Read More ]

I do not know when this first started, but every once a year, there is a special day that we always celebrate together. For me, Valentine’s Day is more than just a day of love, every Valentine I am always grateful for what I have, a family, twins and a wonderful wife. No matter how busy you are, there is always the opportunity to spend time with the people closest to you. Today I want to invite you to express your love with Valentine’s crafts like paper card, gift ideas and decorations. A few days ahead of Valentine’s Day, but  [ Read More ]