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Building a kids room is not as easy as we imagine, there are many factors we must think about before deciding on the best room design for children. Surely a kids room should be able to make them feel comfortable, not boring, and most importantly, the child’s room should have a good learning space besides just playroom. I know that most children would rather play than have to quietly read a book or be busy with their stationery. As parents, this might always be a problem because they do not know how to make kids have a pleasant study time.  [ Read More ]

There are always unexpected things about how people decorate their homes. For those of you who like plants and hobby gardening, perhaps the idea of the garden under the stairs can be something unique and interesting to try. Creating an indoor garden has been known for a long time, but utilizing the area under the stairs is truly brilliant. This garden idea will be a good introduction for the whole family to introduce greenery into the room. If usually the empty space under the stairs is often left just like that, even though the most common use makes it a  [ Read More ]

What if a cabin is combined with a children’s play house? KOTO (KO-TO) comes from the traditional Finnish word meaning “comfortable at home”. The ilo playhouses from KOTO are the first children’s cabins as well as minimalist playhouses that will be loved by children and even adults. Inspired by the beautiful space that children can claim is theirs, but also the structure that assumes the form of a statue of the elegant and striking, for adults. Ilo is the perfect combination of childhood dreams and the simple form of Scandinavian wooden cabins. Offering a beautiful log structure with a sloping  [ Read More ]

The bathroom becomes a private area where you rinse your body, soak in warm water and pamper yourself before or after activities. However the bathroom can also be a very romantic place by combining the right decorations. Romantic bathroom ideas will be great for those of you who want to surprise your partner, especially before Valentine’s Day there will be lots of sweet things you can give to warm your relationship. Many people change their bathroom design to make it look fancy because they believe luxury will create a romantic feel and classy. Though not all of the luxury bathroom  [ Read More ]

I believe the living room is the heart of every home. Here is a gathering place, telling stories, and receiving people who come to your home. That is why designing a living room is important because the design of a beautiful living room will reflect the homeowner. There are many living room ideas to choose from, from modern guest rooms to farmhouse style to making Scandinavian living rooms popular today. But among the many existing living room designs, have you ever thought of combining them with an outdoor area? The indoor living room is entirely integrated with the outdoor space,  [ Read More ]