10 Cool Kids Bedrooms with Colorful Space

Colorful space to make kids bedroom looks cheerful, especially utilizing every corner of space to better use. Starting from the study table function for closed storage cabinets, you can make the room more presentable without the messy chaos associated with amount of space in the kids room. Bright colors and wall decal create an interesting theme for their room, look at the top ten kids bedroom with colorful space and solutions for the two boys and girls.

source : svoya studio

This is a minimalist space filled with function and purpose. Has a long table with drawers, cabinets and benches are connected change, the kids will be comfortable learning or doing daily activities in this room.

Line an attractive choice for kids room, bedrooms classic style boys have a dynamic modern touch. Corner of space to fill many work surfaces, storage and display.

Girls bedroom looks more feminine with natural colors that give spaciousness. Weathered wood shaped wall stickers mounted on the bed, and a classic ship’s wheel.

source : viarde

Perfect storage racks keep the children from the chaos in the room. A work of art and this has important elements for a nice profit.

Attic bedroom would make a perfect haven for every Girls with a large amount of cabinets and shelves for favorite books. Cute decorations and framed photo, soaring ceilings give way to wide-open space provide convenience when they play.

source : karan

Blue is the color that is suitable for ultra modern girl, the main cabinet and desk provides plenty of storage and work area for the children’s home.

source : xamatova

Boy’s bedroom  inspired modern design, covering wall a large table provides plenty of room to play video games and get the job done. Cabinets with glass doors on top provide storage space for books and a trophy.

source : kate chelyustnikova

This bedroom for two children, they will love waking every morning with lemon yellow wall, mold fun and gives a lot of excitement. Placement on the shelf above the bed to save a lot of memories for them.

source : igor sviridov

One of my favorite kids room that provide study and work area with a lounge area on the other side. Football theme room confirms this is the boys room.

source : catherine domrachava

Cool kids room is spacious enough to accommodate relatives or friends. Wall of wooden drawers alternating between doors and open design adds a charming natural color.

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