15 Awesome Outdoor Showers and Bathrooms

You can also have an awesome outdoor showers, including a long love shower time. It is a perfect combination of two things between happiness and pure, while summer arrives and I was ready to think shower ideas in the back yard. Design their own outdoor bathroom will be fun with us, you can find or build it for showers pool in the garden. We wanted to share a wonderful summer with the concept of a more daring and natural course, so be prepared!

Concrete walls and vegetation provide a bit of privacy but still comfortable. Marsh Cashman Architects Koolloos, through the Australian Timber Design Awards.

Wood shower including floor will absorb water and are environmentally friendly, you can put it in the back garden.

This shower ideas for those of you who dare: outdoor shower on the roof of the city. Suitable for those of you who live in apartments or big cities.

Outdoor bathtub under an orange tree looks perfectly perfect and refreshing. Of Alexandra & Eliot’s 1890 Farmhouse.

Bathroom with white decor is in the open air next to the pool, by Jen Langston Interiors. Looks rustic impression that you can make long enjoyed the shower.

Wood deck with view twice as good when you add the bath. Mel Yates via desire to inspire.

source : pinterest, apartmenttherapy


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