27 Creative and Fun Kitchen Gadget with Functional Ideas

Kitchen gadget gives creative fresh colors in your kitchen room, kitchen tools with functional ideas would be helpful in preparing dishes faster and fun. Safe, easy and perfect for modern kitchens. Kitchen appliances has developed into a practical tool for all purposes, so despite its small but have optimal function, and the following is best kitchen tool of our choice, please enjoy.

Apple Divider: You can easily cut the apple in two sizes are uniform, this kitchen appliance works with a boost to bottom, so apples it can be thinly sliced and neat.


Strawberry Hulle: This kitchen tool works very effectively in removing the stems and leaves of strawberries, you will save time when using this tool.


Cherry and Olive Pitter: Kitchen gadget is very functional for making pitting cherries and olives while the fruit is still intact, of course will save you time.


Avocado Cuber: If you are an avocado lover then this kitchen tool you should have, the tool is able to make the cut for uniform size avocado.


Finger Guard: Made of stainless steel, this kitchen equipment is a shield to protect your fingers when slicing a kitchen any material.


Banana Slicer: You can cut five slices of bananas at once with this kitchen tools, it is easy because it only works with a single push.


Corn Zipper: Kitchen gadget is very fast in removing corn kernels while protecting your fingers, work hard will become easy with this tool.


Cupcake corer: This small tool has a pleasing function, use this tool to make a hole in the cupcakes or muffins so you can add fillings.


Garlic Peeler: Peel the onion becomes much easier with this tool, simply enter the onions and then press down firmly and you have managed to peel the onion, of course, avoiding eye watering that sucks.


Rotary Peeler: This tools has three blades that serve to peel rind, designed by Damian Evans, you just have to play it to get maximum results.


Lettuce Chopper: Inspired by karate, this kitchen tools will give you a piece of lettuce in just a few seconds.


Produce Washing Net: a practical kitchen appliance for washing vegetables or fruit, you just put it under the tap while you can prepare breakfast for family.


Garlic Zoom Chopper: kitchen appliance also serves to peel the garlic, just put pencincang tools and rolls on a flat surface.


Herb Mill: Knives are sharp and fast it is easy to chop herbs even in large numbers, you just need a little effort and a simple touch.


Knuckle Meat Tenderizer: tenderizing meat become more pleasing with this kitchen tool, made from aluminum alloy with a comfortable hand grip.


Mango Pitter: Kitchen tool is working to cut a mango from the center and slowly out.


Onion Holder: This cool kitchen tool will be able to make a straight piece of onion, even onion slices from one end to another, very safe and easy.


Pancake Pen: pancake batter would be neater with this kitchen appliance, there are measuring marks on the side to help you hold three cups of batter.


Peach Pitter: This tool gives business intact and uniforms for peaches, simply by pressing down and the knife has been working perfectly.


Pumpkin Knife: sharp knife will slice the pumpkin with non-stick coating, this works because the system perforation on the knife, make an incision smooth glide very easily.


Rotato Potato Peeler: This kitchen tool automatically peel potatoes, worked in a continuous spiral.


Strawberry Slicer: kitchen gadget will give strawberries sliced are perfect just by tapping on the handle, it is suitable for you who like strawberries.


Watermelon Knife: you must already know if this knife serves to cut the watermelon, shape and color matching with a watermelon with seed piece design.


Pineapple Slicer and Dicer: This is a small tool designed to slice and cut the pineapple into dice with just two easy steps.


Compact Herb Chopper: This kitchen is very functional tool for cutting all types of plants, you can adjust the blade to get maximum results.


Apple Corer: Taking apple seeds can be easy with this kitchen tool, meat and fresh fruit you desire will be presented sooner.


Tomato/Mozzarella Slicer: Kitchen tool useful for cutting tomatoes or mozzarella quickly and you will get a piece of the uniform.

source : crookedbrains


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