Cool Home Bus from Architecture Student

This is a modified bus being cool house for students, it seems the whole interior of the bus has been converted into a comfortable place with a bed and a tour of the country to friends and family. Hank is the person most responsible for this project, an architecture student who is tired of drawing the building that was never there for the client and the details of which he did not understand. He decided to defend his thesis very real and full scale, although the bus is not just livable, but this is entirely sustainable project for young architects. Here you take a tour through the bus that was converted into living and storage space with 225 square feet.


The bus consists of a simple wooden furniture and flooring from reclaimed gym. None of the structures are built to go above the line keeping the windows open for the linear and the light from outside. A window for privacy issues but Hank wants to add transparency, so Hank creates a great solution. He’s building a translucent insulation panels to the wall that can be generated by the magnet. This allows for privacy and isolation, but Hank has not a choice for natural light and panoramic life.










source : home-designing


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