Create Dreaming Playroom: Kids Memories and Magical Place

Inspired wonderful childhood memories to create a fortress at once kids play room hiding, I would like to share in creating a magical place where kids dream of, you can make it in the living room or their bedroom, and I hope you find the kids playroom to play and reading. Small tent is very easy in the making, the objects around the house can be utilized with a little creativity, here are the steps to make it.

Materials used:

  • 6 six foot saplings (you can also get poles at your local home improvement store)
  • 9×12 painter’s canvas drop cloth
  • Large eyelet kit with 12 eyelets
  • Twine
  • Leather rope
  • Tools: scissors, pen, straight edge, measuring tape, drill, hammer, iron, fabric liquid stitch
  • Measure down 12? from the top of your poles and drill a hole (we did 5/16″)
  • Run twine through the 6 poles and tie a knot. There can be a little slack, but you need it tight enough to hold them together.

  • Arrange the poles to make the shape of the teepee and wrap the twine around to cover up the holes.
  • Fold drop cloth in half. Measure down 4.25? on the corner with the fold and create a semicircle. Draw your line and cut.
  • Wrap drop cloth around the poles with the semi circle on top. Pull it tight and mark the bottom of each pole on the ground, or length you would like to cut.
  • Using a straight edge draw a dotted line to connect the marks.
  • Use scissors to cut along the dotted line.
  • Wrap the drop cloth around the poles and check to make sure your length is correct. Pull tight and fold the front edges under where the opening will be in the front. Pin where your edges will be and iron. Trim off excess fabric to create a 1? seam. Use liquid stitch to create hem.
  • Measure down 4? from top of opening and 1.25? from edge and make a mark where your eyelet will go. Measure 2? down and mark where the next eyelet will go until you have 6 on each side.
  • Lace your leather rope through and pull tight. We started on the bottom so the tie would be at the top & not show.
  • Ta Da! Give your child a book and tell her to go sit in the teepee. She happily obliged, no bribery needed.

Congratulations you have successfully created their dream playroom, add some accessories such as pillows or blankets their favorite books. Enjoy a wonderful weekend with the kids without having to leave the house.


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