Floating Farmhouse with Curtain Wall Glass

The farmhouse is situated on pristine riverside, with waterfalls flowing over an ancient dam. Having floating house design that was first discovered was a sinking ship, after undergoing renovations and improvements in some parts until about four years later, in 1820 manor house is now a studio on contrasts. The splendor of house will be retained while classy modern elements added, including giving glass curtain wall in the main part, the skyscraper in kitchen area, minimalist style interior and patio floating on the water surface.

Farmhouse will be apparent when night, moonlight mingled kitchen lights confirmed in 20’s unique style, glass wall kitchen also lets you view the magnificent scenery indefinitely. Large living room and master bedroom with a fireplace will warm some point you at any time, so do not miss floating farm house ideas that will amaze you.

source : givonehome